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Welcome to the Health Physics Society website, where you can find information and answers to your questions about radiation and radiation safety/protection.

For many years, radiation has been beneficial to human beings for medical diagnosis and therapy, scientific research, and generating electrical power. However, when used in unsafe ways, radiation can harm people. Care must be taken to properly use radiation and to minimize unnecessary radiation exposures.

The health physicist's job is to manage the beneficial use of radiation while protecting workers and the public from potential hazards. The Health Physics Society is dedicated to making sure that health physicists have the information and capabilities to do this.

The Health Physics Society also has a goal of providing information for the public to assist in the understanding of the field of health physics. We invite you to explore our website and click on any features that might be of interest to you.

We also invite you to explore another website we sponsor that is dedicated to public education. This site ( contains objective, scientific information about radiation in a friendly, easy-to-read format.