Health Physics Society Publications

The Health Physics Society (HPS) issues several types of official publications: Health Physics News, the Health Physics Journal, Operational Radiation Safety, special publications (proceedings and educational materials), and American National Standards.

The HPS Publications Style Guide is provided to aid authors and editors of HPS publications, documents, and web pages in presenting clear and understandable material to health physicists, those in other scientific fields, and nontechnical audiences. Consistency in style and content will help assure that the reputation of the HPS for high-quality publications is maintained.

Please look over these guidelines before submitting material for HPS publications, documents, and web pages. Pay special attention to Section I.H: References, Citations, Resources, Footnotes, and Press Releases; Section VI: About SI Units; and the section on the specific publication for which you are writing (Sections II–V). Appendix A: Word List is helpful as a quick guide to the most common style questions for HPS documents.

Health Physics News

Health Physics News is our online newsletter. It is updated almost daily and contains information on upcoming events, recent news about members and Society activities, discussions of technical issues and controversies, educational opportunities, and other general items of interest to members. Click here for advertising information, including closing dates and rates. News items for publication should be submitted to News Editor Mary Walchuk.

Health Physics and Operational Radiation Safety

Authors submitting articles for both the Health Physics Journal and Operational Radiation Safety may make submissions on the Health Physics Online Submission page.

Health Physics

The Health Physics Journal, the official journal of the Society, is issued monthly and contains refereed technical publications in the general field of radiation protection, technical notes and letters, book reviews, and a calendar of future meetings and events related to radiation protection or nuclear science. To contact Editor in Chief Brant Ulsh click here.

Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety is a Society publication featuring peer-reviewed papers concerned with practical and applied health physics. To contact Editor in Chief Craig A. Little click here.

Special Publications

Web Operations will be presenting a series of special publications on this website in an effort to explain radiation and its effects on man and the environment. The first of this series is Radiation and Risk: Expert Perspectives.

Examples of special publications include Society brochures, midyear symposia and conference proceedings, professional development school texts, position statements, policy papers, discussion papers, and standards of qualification and practice. A number of texts from professional development schools (previously know as summer school) are available from the HPS Secretariat or Medical Physics Publishing.

American National Standards

The Society also publishes American National Standards related to various aspects of radiation protection and safety. An American National Standard is intended to be a guide to aid manufacturers, consumers, and members of the general public. These standards are prepared in accordance with guidelines established and monitored by the HPS Standards Committee and undergo rigorous reviews before approval and issue. Questions about American National Standards should be referred to the HPS Standards Committee chair.

Books by HPS Members

The HPS maintains a list of scientific and technical books pertinent to health physics authored or edited by HPS members. The books are listed alphabetically by the member's name.