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18 April 2014

Health Physics Society Awards

The Health Physics Society (HPS) holds an awards ceremony each year at its annual meeting. At this ceremony the HPS honors individuals who have been selected by the Awards Committee members to be recognized for accomplishments and actions that meet the criteria of one of the HPS awards established in the Rules of the Society.

The Awards Committee is composed of the president and the four most recent past presidents of the Society, with the immediate past president serving as chair of the committee.

Following is a description of each of the HPS awards with a link to the list of recipients of the award.

Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal

This award is given in memory and honor of Professor Evans in recognition of his outstanding and extraordinary dedication and contributions to radiation safety as physics educator, scientist, author, and humanitarian for more than 50 years. The recipient of this award demonstrates the extraordinary qualities exemplified by Professor Evans for excellence in scientific achievement, interdisciplinary capabilities, the applicability of science to real-world needs of radiation safety, and insight into simple solutions of difficult problems. The Evans Medal is not intended to be given annually or frequently. The Awards Committee has the discretionary power to not select an awardee in any given year.

List of Recipients

Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award

Prior to 1984 this was called the Distinguished Achievement Award.

This award is designed to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the science and technology of radiation safety. The recipient of the award is recognized for accomplishments of fundamental importance to the practice, acceptance, and advancement of the profession of health physics. Other individuals who contributed in an outstanding way to the development of scientific knowledge for the protection of humankind and the environment can be permanently memorialized by the presentation of the award in their names.

List of Recipients

Elda E. Anderson Award

This award is presented to a young member of the Health Physics Society to recognize excellence in (1) research or development, (2) discovery or invention, (3) devotion to health physics, and/or (4) significant contributions to the profession of health physics.

One of the unofficial traditions of the Society is breakfast at the annual meeting in honor of the awardee and sponsored by and attended by past recipients. At that breakfast, a photograph of the current and prior awardees is taken. You will find all the available Anderson Breakfast photos in the Photo Gallery.

List of Recipients

Founders Award

Prior to 1984 this was called the Meritorious Performance Award. The award consists of a plaque and Life Membership in the Society.

This award is designed to recognize exceptional service to the HPS or the health physics profession. The recipient of the award is recognized for recent contributions to the Society. In addition, others who were instrumental in the formation or development of the HPS can be permanently memorialized by the presentation of the award in their names.

List of Recipients

Fellow Award

This award is designed to honor senior members of the Society who have made significant administrative, educational, and/or scientific contributions to the profession of health physics.

List of Recipients

Distinguished Public Service Award

This award and associated memorialization(s) are intended to acknowledge outstanding:

1. Contributions to the profession of health physics while in public service or

2. Service to the general public that significantly contributes to the relationship between the public and the health physics profession.

List of Recipients

Geoffrey G. Eichholz Outstanding Science Teacher Award

This award honors teachers who have made significant contributions to educating students in topics related to the field of radiation safety.

List of Recipients

National Student Science Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions by students in grades 6–12 to the understanding of the applications of radiation and its impact on the environment and health. Nominations for this award can be made by any plenary member of the Society or by a chapter. This award is presented at a meeting of the nominating chapter or a chapter near the awardee's residence.

List of Recipients

Health Physics Honor Roll

This award is given posthumously to honor Society members who significantly contributed to the profession of health physics during their careers, but were not otherwise honored by the Society during their lifetimes. Such contributions may include—but are not limited to—education, research, and administration.

List of Recipients

G. William Morgan Lectureship Award

This award is given to internationally known authorities on topics pertinent to the Society to present lectures at national meetings of the Society. The lecturers may be selected as keynote speakers at plenary sessions at the annual or midyear meeting or as speakers at other sessions of the Society's national meetings. Read more here.

Robert S. Landauer, Sr., Lectureship Award

This award is given in remembrance of Robert S. Landauer to an individual clearly demonstrating expertise in a subject that is relevant to the opening plenary session of the annual meeting. Read more here.

Dade Moeller Lectureship Award

This award is given in honor of Dade W. Moeller to an individual clearly demonstrating expertise in a subject of interest to members of the Society who will present a lecture at a national meeting of the Society. It is preferred that a lecturer be selected as a keynote speaker at the plenary session of an annual or midyear meeting; however, the lecturer may be selected as a keynote speaker at any session of the Society's national meetings at the discretion of the Awards Committee or Program Committee. Read more here.

List of Recipients

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