Science Support Committee Organization

The Science Support Committee is responsible for maintaining and improving science and mathematics teaching. This is accomplished by developing, maintaining, and coordinating training materials for chapters to use in conducting Science Teacher Workshops (including pursuing sources of funding for workshops), providing instructional materials to educators that pertain to radiological science, providing guidance in the distribution of radiation instruments to entities requesting them for use in science education activities, and developing and maintaining a network of chapter contacts available to workshop sponsors and teachers. This information can be found on the Teachers portal.

Resources to assist chapters in the planning and conduct of Science Teacher Workshops are available in the Members Only Science Support Committee area.

The committee also encourages chapters to recognize local outstanding teachers and students by soliciting nominations for the Outstanding Science Teacher Award and the Student Science Award.

Time Commitment: Two to four hours/month including participation in routine teleconferences

Meeting Requirements: None

Skills Needed: No prior experience necessary—only a recognition of the importance of science (radiation) education.

Current Members

Director: Shaheen Dewji, '25
Chair: Latha Vasudevan, '24
Sandra Ramirez - Committee Member, '26
Linda Morris - Committee Member, '25
John Dixon - Committee Member, '25
George Tabatadze - Committee Member, '26
Isaf al-Nabulsi - Committee Member, '26
Ian Lake - Committee Member, '26
Ale Kranbuhl - Committee Member, '26
Carl Tarantino - Committee Member, '26