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Health physics as a profession has been described by the Health Physics Society (HPS) on our web page Careers in Health Physics. Health physics professionals are involved with protection from the potential hazards of ionizing and nonionizing radiation. Many industries, medical facilities, defense plants, and research laboratories demand professionals who understand radiation hazards and their prevention and control. Thus there is a demand for health physicists in a variety of disciplines, including research, industry, education, environmental protection, and enforcement of government regulations.

In response to such a need, academic institutions have developed various curricula for specific academic levels and offer degrees/certificates to address the appropriate knowledge requirements. To this end, a list of academic education institutions that offer specific curricula in health physics in several fields has been compiled. The list consists of institutions in the United States and Canada that offer a formal health physics program (or relevant tracks/concentrations in health physics) in BS (four years), MS, and/or PhD degrees. Other institutions that offer programs relevant to health physics are also listed.

This compilation is not exhaustive. More information will be included when it becomes available. It is to be noted that the listing will serve only to provide information but does not represent the Academic Education Committee's (or the HPS's) endorsement of any of the programs or the institutions. The committee defers individual questions to specific institutions.

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Provided here is a list of textbooks and reference books commonly used for health physics education in several technical specialties for either undergraduate or graduate colleges.

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Provided here is information associated with health physics professional certification, with responsible organizations and available pre and training courses.

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The information provided here is compiled by the HPS Academic Education Committee, with assistance provided by the HPS Student Support Committee.