Health Physics News

May 2017

Highlights of the 38-page online Health Physics Society (HPS) May 2017 issue of Health Physics News

  • COVER — 62nd HPS Annual Meeting, 9–13 July 2017, Raleigh, North Carolina
    • Registration Now Open
    • Professional Development School Update
    • Welcome to Raleigh: 2017 HPS Annual Meeting
    • PEPs and CELs at the 2017 HPS Annual Meeting
    • AAHP Courses
    • HPS President Bob Cherry and "Mentors, Protégés, Teachers, Students"
    • Responses to "From the President" in the April Newsletter
  • SOCIETY NEWS — Call for Amateur Photographers to Contribute to the HPS Website
  • CHAPTER NEWS — Northern California Chapter, Central Rocky Mountain Chapter, Rio Grande Chapter, New England Chapter, Delaware Valley Society for Radiation Safety, Columbia Chapter
  • SECTION NEWS — Instrumentation Section, Medical Health Physics Section, Environmental/Radon Section
  • COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES — Membership Committee
  • STUDENT CORNER — Margarita's Internship Experience With the IAEA
  • JOURNAL NOTES — Up and Coming in Health Physics and Operational Radiation Safety
  • THE ATE EXPERTS SAY . . . — Carrying Radioactive Urine in a Backpack: Question #11469
  • INSIDE THE BELTWAY — Too Little, Too Late?
  • THE BOICE REPORT #58 — Framers of the Future of Radiation Protection
  • IN MEMORIAM — John P. Witherspoon, Jr. and Alan K. Bruce
  • RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION AROUND THE GLOBE — Still Important After All These Years
  • REPORT FROM THE STACKSAssault in Norway: Sabotaging the Nazi Nuclear Program
  • REAC/TS — Medical Management of Acute Radiation Syndrome
    • Plans for the AAHP's Special Session
  • FROM THE ARCHIVES — Lowell grads gather at the 2008 HPS Annual Meeting: Dave and Tara Medich, Clay French, Jay Tarzia, and Gus Potter
  • ADVERTISEMENTS — ORAU Professional Training Programs; Reed College Research Reactor; Los Alamos National Lab; Technical Management Services, Inc.; Dade Moeller—An NV5 Company; Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.; RSO Services, Inc.
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