Health Physics News Digest

February 2023

Highlights of the online Health Physics Society (HPS) February 2023 Health Physics News

  • HPS Meetings
    • 68th HPS Annual Meeting: Activities and Meeting Shirts and Caps
    • 68th HPS Annual Meeting: Call for Abstracts and PEPs/CELs Extended to 22 February 2023
    • Second Annual HPS Winter Workshop: Register Now!
    • Upcoming HPS Meetings
  • Society News
    • Call for Officer Nominations for 2023 Election
    • Time for HPS Awards Nominations
    • Applications Open for Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Grants
  • Chapter News — Midwest Chapter Fall Technical Seminar
  • In Memoriam — Howard Dickson Funeral Service
  • Health Physics Journal/ORS NewsHealth Physics Journal: Brighter Days Ahead
  • Student Corner — Awards and Social Media Information for Students
  • Health Physics Practice Questions and Answers — Fuel Reprocessing: Job Planning, Criticality, Air Monitoring
  • Did You Know?
    • The HPS Chicken Tradition
    • Win Books! Donate Books!
  • What's News?
    • Two ICRP Reports Open for Public Consultation
    • NCRP 2023 Annual Meeting
    • National Academies Public Comment Period Now Open
    • NCRP Commentary No. 32 Released
    • NASEM Meetings: Review of the Continued Analysis of Supplemental Treatment of Low-Activity Waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation
    • NCRP 2023 Annual Meeting
  • Short Courses — February Short Course Listings
  • Health Physics Job Openings — Current Job Listings on the HPS Website

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