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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions ("FAQs") that have been prepared from questions and answers submitted through our "Ask the Experts" feature.

List of Available FAQs

Cell Phones

Computer/VDT Screens

Consumer Electronic Products

Environmental and Background Radiation

Homeland Security

Industrial Radiation

Instrumentation and Measurements


Medical and Dental Equipment/Shielding

Medical and Dental Patient Issues

Micro/Radio Waves, Radar & Powerlines

Nuclear Medicine Patient Issues

Nuclear Power, Devices, and Accidents

Policy, Guidelines, and Regulations

Pregnancy and Radiation

Radiation Basics

Radiation Safety Careers

Radiation Workers

Security Screening

Ultraviolet Radiation

In addition to the FAQs listed above, answers to radiation-related questions may be found in the individual questions and answers posted on this website. Please see our complete listing of questions and answers if you cannot find the answer to your question here.

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