ATE Notes of Appreciation

Your Health Physics Society Ask the Experts (ATE) team is making a difference! Following is a selection of notes received recently from both members of the public and health physics professionals showing their appreciation for our experts' answers.

  • I am truly grateful for what you do, for volunteering your precious time in responding to our concerns. You all truly are a blessing and I want to make sure you know that. Your email answer made my day and brought a huge relief. (Submitted by E.R., 9/29/2018)
  • I'll try to put this behind me. Thank you for your responses and your patience. (Submitted by A.S.C., 9/28/2018)
  • Thanks for your reply. I probably shouldn't really worry about any potential health risks from the Ukrainian books. (Submitted by J.V., 9/22/2018)
  • I want to thank you for answering my question. I feel a huge sense of relief. (Submitted by L.G., 8/31/2018)
  • I would like to send my sincere thanks to the Health Physics Society for taking the time to answer my question. Please let your team know how much I appreciate the direct response to my question. It has eased my mind. (Submitted by M.G., 8/31/2018)
  • Thank you so much for your excellent answer. (Submitted by P.M., 7/24/2018)