ATE Notes of Appreciation

Your Health Physics Society Ask the Experts (ATE) team is making a difference! Following is a selection of notes received recently from both members of the public and health physics professionals showing their appreciation for our experts' answers.

  • Thank you so much for your detailed explanation which put my fears at ease. I really appreciate your time and effort for providing all this valuable information to us, the public. (Submitted by M.C., 3/25/2017)
  • Thanks for your prompt reply and explanation. (Submitted by H.T., 3/23/2017)
  • Thank you kindly for taking the time to revert back to me and for the valuable information provided. It is highly appreciated. (Submitted by C.P., 3/19/2017)
  • I would like to thank you again for the response you sent me almost two years ago. I still suffer from anxiety from this one scan. But, I thank you again because I reread your response and it still helps to calm my nerves. (Submitted by S.S., 2/17/2017)
  • Thank you very much for replying to my question. You have put my mind at rest. (Submitted by W.F., 2/4/2017)
  • Thank you for your reply. I feel much better now. (Submitted by D.D., 1/15/2017)
  • I am so relieved to receive your response. I have been so worried and could not sleep at all. Your expert opinion is informative and reassuring and is worth more than gold. (Submitted by B.P., 1/6/2017)