ATE Notes of Appreciation

Your Health Physics Society Ask the Experts (ATE) team is making a difference! Following is a selection of notes received recently from members of the public and from health physics professionals showing their appreciation for our experts' answers.

  • Thank you very much for replying to my questions. This is my first pregnancy, and I was quite anxious about my exposure. I really appreciate you getting in touch. This has put me at ease. (Submitted by N.G., 10/26/2020)
  • Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. Now I can be at ease :). I couldn't sleep these past few days. I was traumatized by what happened. This is my first born, I try my best so I can be the best mom, but accidents happen, and I didn't expect that. (Submitted by L.C., 11/05/2020)
  • Thank you so much for the detail around the risk of these watches. Your comments are much appreciated, and it is quite interesting to hear that you would not be concerned wearing the watch regularly. (Submitted by N.H., 11/21/2020)
  • Thank you very much, Deirdre, for your rapid, informative, and explanatory response. (Submitted by A.Y., 11/30/2020)
  • Thank you so much for your reply! It is extremely helpful! (Submitted by M.P., 12/15/2020)
  • Thank you for the reply and for taking the time to provide details in your response! (Submitted by B.D., 01/15/2021)