ATE Notes of Appreciation

Your Health Physics Society Ask the Experts (ATE) team is making a difference! Following is a selection of notes received recently from members of the public and from health physics professionals showing their appreciation for our experts' answers.

  • I truly appreciate your speedy response. In fact, I apologize for my delay in sending you a thank you note. (Submitted by L.V., 10/12/2021)
  • I appreciate your prompt acknowledgement. Given the traffic your website generates and the proximity to the holiday, we are grateful for the assistance your team provided.  (Submitted by A.T., 11/23/2021)
  • Thanks so much for your speedy reply. That is very reassuring—thanks for taking the time to look into this. (Submitted by E.M., 11/22/2021)
  • Wow Paul, you're so amazingly clever. Thank you so much for your time and your answer. (Submitted by R.M., 12/15/2021)
  • Thank you very much for all of your help! I was quite worried about my daughter getting unnecessary radiation, especially as she is only three years old….and admittedly this is not technology I know much about. Thank you! (Submitted by V.S., 12/19/2021)
  • Thank you for getting back to me. It is not something I usually encounter and wanted to check all possible resources. Again, thank you for your time and have a great day. (Submitted by B.W., 1/19/2022)