Health Physics Society - Chapter Contacts for Help

Society Operations

For help with any question or topic, you can contact your director liaison. Every chapter has a member of the Board of Directors assigned to it to act as the primary conduit of information between the Board and the chapter. The liaison is the person to be contacted with any questions or issues regarding Society operations.

Director liaisons are listed under each chapter on the Chapter listing web page.

Director liaison contact information is available from the Directory in the Members Only area.

General questions may be directed to the Secretariat. Specific staff contacts and responsibilities are available to HPS members only on the Secretariat Staff page.

Chapter Reports

Chapter reports are submitted through the chapter report utility in the Members Only area. Members listed as president, president-elect, or secretary of a chapter on the Chapter listing web page are automatically granted access to the chapter report utility. Any Society member can be designated to have access to the chapter report utility by the chapter president by contacting website Society Operations Editor Craig Little. Any members with access to the chapter report utility will have a box on their Members Only home page telling them they have access. The notification box has a link to the chapter report utility.

If you are having trouble logging into the Members Only home page, go to the Trouble Logging In? help page. 

Once you are in the chapter report utility, you will find a link to the help and instructions page at the top of the first page and at the bottom of every page. Please read the help page if it is your first time using the report utility.

It is important to note that you must go through all five screens, even if you don't change something on every screen, to get to the sixth screen, which is a summary of the report for your review. After reviewing the report, click on the "Complete Report" button at the bottom of the screen. If you don't click the "Complete Report" button, the report will not get submitted.

Most problems occur on the second screen, where you change/add names for the officers. If the person you want to add is an HPS member, click the "Click Here" button at the top of the screen. You will be led through a series of screens where you can choose members who are already on the list or you can add people who aren't there. You must add HPS members from the directory database to the list in order to put them in the report.

Any problems with the chapter report utility or requests to give members access to the chapter report utility should be addressed to website Society Operations Editor Craig Little.

Chapter Websites

Chapter websites are the responsibility of each individual chapter and are not under the Society's operation or control. However, the Society does provide, at no charge to the chapter, a server to host a chapter website with webmaster support. Most chapters with websites take advantage of this offer.

The primary chapter website server provided by the Society is If your chapter has a website on this server and you need help with your site, or if you want to inquire about establishing a new website on this server, contact the server webmaster, Ruediger (Ruedi) Birenheide. There is no set limit on the size of the server space allotted to a chapter. Initially, it is set at a generous size of several hundred megabytes. However, if more space is needed, the chapter can contact the webmaster, Ruedi, for assistance.

Website space is also provided by the Society on the server However, use of this server does not include any website design or maintenance support. For information on using this server to host a chapter website, contact the webmaster, Scott Medling.

Some chapters choose to use their own independent server provider.

Science Teacher Workshops

Resources provided by the Science Support Committee for conducting Science Teacher Workshops is provided on the Science Support Committee's Members Only page. Access to this page requires that you be a member of the Health Physics Society.

The Science Support Committee has also placed some resources for teachers on the Teachers gateway page, which is available in the public area.

Chapter Support and Information Area

To make comments or suggestions on the Health Physics Society - Chapter Support and Information Area, click here.