Sections of the Health Physics Society

The following is a listing of the Health Physics Society Sections as of 16 April 2021.

Academic, Industrial, Research Radiation Safety Section

Carl Tarantino, President ('22)
Daniel Menchaca, Past President ('21)
Catherine Ribaudo, Secretary/Treasurer ('21)
Latha Vasudevan, HPS Board Director ('21)
Danny McClung, Board Member ('22)
Mark A Miller, Board Member ('21)
Bryan Edwards, Board Member ('21)
Steven Dewey, Board Member ('23)
Caitlin Root, Secretary-elect ('21)

Accelerator Section

Matthew Quinn, President ('20)
Robert May, President-Elect ('20)
Marcia Torres, Past President ('20)
Lauren Overbay, Secretary/Treasurer ('20)
Timothy Taulbee, HPS Board Director ('20)
Zachary Olson, Newsletter Editor ('20)
Scott O. Schwahn, Board Member ('21)
Ruedi Birenheide, Webmaster

Decommissioning Section

Mark C Roberts, President
Mary Aldrich, Secretary/Treasurer
Janelle S Braun, HPS Board Director ('21)
Mark Somerville, Board Member ('18)
Myra Long, Board Member ('18)
John J Pickering, Board Member
Shane Reese, Board Member
Massimo Morichi, Board Member
Kayla Vom Dorp, Board Member

Early Career Professionals Section

Environmental/Radon Section

Amanda Anderson, President ('21)
Lisa Manglass, President-Elect ('22)
James H Reese, Past President ('20)
Philip Egidi, Secretary/Treasurer ('22)
Kathryn A Higley, HPS Board Director ('24)
Stephanie Phillips, Board Member ('21)
Christine A Bullock, Board Member ('22)
Jeff J Whicker, Board Member ('21)

Homeland Security and Emergency Response Section

Brooke Buddemeier, President ('20)
William Irwin, President-Elect ('20)
John P Hageman, Past President ('20)
Shraddha Rane, Secretary/Treasurer ('21)
Mike Mahathy, HPS Board Director ('20)
Nancy Stanley, Board of Directors ('21)
Jeffrey A Chapman, Board of Directors ('20)
William A Lorenzen, Board of Directors ('21)
John Lanza, Executive Board
Ruedi Birenheide, Webmaster

Instrumentation Section

James Voss, President ('20)
Nathan Smith, President-Elect ('21)
James Voss, Past President ('20)
John Cardarelli, HPS Board Director ('20)
D Jeffrey Sawyer, Board Member ('21)
James Voss, Board Member ('21)
Eric Krage, Board Member ('21)

Medical Health Physics Section

Ray Dielman, President ('21)
John Metyko, President-Elect ('21)
Bryan Lemieux, Past President ('21)
Richard P Harvey, Secretary/Treasurer ('21)
Kendall Berry, HPS Board Director ('21)
Curtis Hicks, Board Member ('22)
Chu Wang, Board Member ('23)
Kimberlee J Kearfott, Board Member ('21)
Neil Whiteside, Board Member ('23)
Jerry Thomas, Board Member ('21)
Eugenio Silvestrini, Board Member ('22)

Military Health Physics Section

Alan Hale, President ('21)
Ricardo Reyes, President-Elect ('21)
Anthony Williams, Past President ('21)
John Wang, Secretary/Treasurer ('21)
Kendall Berry, HPS Board Director ('20)
Sarah Sublett, Board Member ('22)
Angela Wofford, Board Member ('21)
Marcia Robinson, Board Member ('22)
Lee Alleman, Board Member ('22)
Kendall Berry, Director Liaison ('20)
Matthew Stokley, Board Member ('22)
Ricardo Reyes, Board Member

Nonionizing Radiation Section

Frederick F McWilliams, President ('21)
Pete Sprenger, President-Elect ('21)
Jerrold Bushberg, Past President ('21)
Donald L Haes, Secretary/Treasurer ('22)
Timothy Taulbee, HPS Board Director ('20)
Scott "Nick" Nichelson, Board Member ('20)
John S McLamb, Board Member ('22)
Melissa Spencer, Board Member ('22)

Power Reactor Section

Richard Adams, President ('22)
Willie Harris, Past President ('22)
Jeffrey Cady, Secretary ('22)
Karen Kim-Stevens, Treasurer ('24)
Timothy Taulbee, HPS Board Director ('20)
Ellen P Anderson, Board Member ('24)
Wayne Ruttenberg, Board Member ('22)
Mark O Somerville, Board Member ('22)
Seth Kanter, Board Member ('24)
Elizabeth Langille, Board Member ('24)
Bryan S. Pell, Board Member ('24)
Sandra S M Beeler, Executive Secretary

Women in Radiation Protection Section

Wendy Kuhne, President ('22)
Nicole Martinez, Past President ('21)
Caitlin Root, Secretary/Treasurer ('21)
Kendall Berry, HPS Board Director ('20)
Ali Simpkins, Board Member ('22)
Elizabeth Gillenwalters, Board Member ('21)
Latha Vasudevan, Board Member ('23)
Brianna Smiley, Secretary-elect ('21)