Board Member Assignments

Current Board Members

Director Shaheen Dewji

FY2023 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.3.1 Optimize HPS social media presence
Committees: Intersociety Relations
Sections: Accelerator; Medical Health Physics

FY2024 Assignments:
Committees: Science Support; Academic Education; Intersociety Collaboration
Sections: Accelerator; Instrumentation; Medical Health Physics

Director Angela Leek

FY2023 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.2 Continue and assess video development for public education/outreach B.1 Advance inclusive professional ethics and standards
Committees: Professional Standards and Ethics, History
Sections: Academic, Industrial, Research Radiation Safety; Nonionizing

FY2024 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.2.1 Develop process for proposal, review, and approval of video development; A.2.2 "Develop process to publish and publicize videos;" A.2.4 Develop categorized inventory of existing videos (History Committee involvement, in part)
Committees: Government Relations; Public Information; Video Resources Ad Hoc; Professional Standards and Ethics Task Force; History
Sections: Academic, Industrial, Research Radiation Safety; Nonionizing Radiation

Director Derek Jokisch

FY2024 Assignments:
Annual Priority: B.1 Develop, implement, and institutionalize process to recruit non-health physicist radiation safety specialists; B.2 Develop strategies and begin implementation for increasing retention of current HPS members; B.3 Assess and implement recruitment of Chapter-only members (need coordination between Membership and Society Support).
Committees: Student Support; Radiation Protection Research and Education; Membership; Mentorship
Sections: Military Health Physics

Director Tanya Palmateer-Oxenberg

FY2024 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.1.2 Develop communication plan involving multiple communication methods to effectively reach a broader audience (Society Support); B.1.1 Institutionalize process to transfer liaison responsibilities to SSC
Committees: Nominating; Society Support.
Sections: Environmental/Radon; Women in Radiation Protection

Director Greg Fairchild

Director Matt McFee

New Board Members