Board Member Assignments

Current Board Members

Director Kendall Berry

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.2 Improve value to HPS stakeholders: Improve member retention (Membership Committee)
Chapters: Columbia, New Jersey, Delaware Valley, Susquehanna Valley
Committees: Membership, Rules
Sections: Women in Radiation Protection

FY2020 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.3 Improve member retention
Chapters: Connecticut, Delaware Valley, New England, New Jersey, Susquehanna Valley
Committees: Membership
Sections: Medical Health Physics, Military Health Physics, Women in Radiation Protection

Director Jan Braun

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: N/A
Chapters: Northern Ohio, Great Lakes, Mid-American, Midwest, North Central
Committees: Local Arrangements
Sections: Decommissioning

FY2020 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.4 Improve transition of student members to full members, B.1 Continue to execute the governance change implementation plan, D.3 Develop plan to encourage Chapter members to join HPS
Chapters: Great Lakes, Mid-America, Midwest, North Central, Northern Ohio
Committees: Local Arrangements

Director Thomas Johnston

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: N/A
Chapters: Baltimore-Washington, Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas
Committees: ANSI/HPS Standards, Society Support
Sections: Instrumentation

FY2020 Assignments:
Annual Priority: N/A
Chapters: Alabama, Arkansas, Baltimore-Washington, Virginia
Committees: Society Support, Standards, N13, N43
Sections: Instrumentation

Director Jason Harris

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: D.2 Strengthen support for HPS Chapters: Better leverage Chapters to provide public education/outreach (Public Information, Science Support, Society Support, Secretariat)
Chapters: Hoosier, Great Salt Lake, Georgian Republic, Idaho
Committees: Academic Education, History
Sections: Early Career, Power Reactor

Director John Cardarelli

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: N/A
Chapters: Cincinnati, Buckeye, Western Pennsylvania
Committees: Public Information, International Collaboration, Standards
Sections: Military Health Physics, Nonionizing

Director Tara Medich

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: D.1 Strengthen support for HPS Chapters: Facilitate Chapter meetings (Society Support, Secretariat)
Chapters: New England, Cascade, State of Texas
Committees: Intersociety Collaboration, Government Relations Program
Sections: Accelerator

Director Jeffrey Whicker

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: C.1 Strengthen support for radiation protection academic programs: Develop, locate, and communicate government, university, and industry funding support (Government Relations Program, Academic Education Committee, Academic Programs, HPS Task Force on Research Needs)
Chapters: State of Texas, Northern California, Arizona, Rocky Mountain, Rio Grande, San Diego
Committees: Science Support, Student Support
Sections: Nanotechnology, Environmental/Radon

FY2020 Assignments:
Annual Priority: C.1 Communicate need for government, university and industry funding, C.2 Strengthen strategic relationships and partnerships with agencies, universities, labs and industry groups
Chapters: Arizona, Central Rocky Mountain, Eastern Idaho, Great Salt Lake, Rio Grande, San Diego, Taiwan
Committees: Ad hoc HPS Research Needs, Student Support
Sections: Environmental/Radon, Nanotechnology

Director Thomas Morgan

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.3 Improve value to HPS stakeholders: Preserve HP professional qualifications (HP Title Protection Task Force and Medical Health Physics Section)
Chapters: Northeastern New York, Greater New York, Western New York, Atlanta, Florida
Committees: Continuing Education, PDS
Sections: Medical Health Physics, AIRRS

FY2020 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.5 Preserve HP professional qualifications
Chapters: Florida, Georgian Republic, Greater New York, Western New York
Committees: Ad hoc HP Title Protection, Continuing Education, Professional Development School (PDS)
Sections: AIRRS

Director Mike Mahathy

FY2019 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.1 Strengthen support for radiation protection academic programs: Leverage annual meeting resources to engage members (New Task Force)
Chapters: East Tennessee, Deep South, Savannah River, North Carolina
Committees: Program, Nominating
Sections: Homeland Security

FY2020 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.1 Utilize annual meeting resources to engage members
Chapters: Atlanta, Cascade, East Tennessee, North Carolina, Savannah River
Committees: Program, AM Task Force, MY Task Force
Sections: Homeland Security

New Board Members

Board member designate Latha Vasudevan

FY2020 Assignments:
Annual Priority: D.1 Develop additional meeting resources for local chapters, D.2 Better engage chapters to provide public education/outreach
Chapters: Deep South, Northeastern New York, Northern California, State of Texas
Committees: Academic Education, International Collaboration, Science Support

Board member designate Tim Taulbee

FY2020 Assignments:
Annual Priority: A.2 Utilize communication resources to engage members
Chapters: Buckeye, Cincinnati, Columbia, Hoosier, Western Pennsylvania
Committees: History, Public Information
Sections: Accelerator, Nonionizing, Power Reactor