ATE Notes of Appreciation

Your Health Physics Society Ask the Experts (ATE) team is making a difference! Following is a selection of notes received recently from members of the public and from health physics professionals showing their appreciation for our experts' answers.

  • Thanks so very much for your help and expertise! (Submitted by N.K., 5/15/2023)
  • I appreciate everyone in HPS for helping people get better knowledge about radiation in daily life and health. (Submitted by J.P., 6/21/2023)
  • Thank you very much for the helpful reply! It makes me feel a lot better! (Submitted by C.N., 6/21/2023)
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to help me! Your answer was very reassuring and brought me a lot of peace in the midst of the panic that I've experienced for the past few days (mostly because of the baby). It was reassuring to hear about your personal experience and results, thank you for sharing! In the name of the whole family, thanks again! (Submitted by A.T., 7/1/2023)
  • Thank you so much for your explanation. Hopefully the scientific community comes out with a robust study to clearly demarcate the threshold level rather than giving so many uncertainties. Really appreciate the help your organization is doing to address the anxiety of the public, especially concerning children. Thanks again. (Submitted by S.S., 8/13/2023)
  • Thank you so much for answering my question. I did speak with my OB and a radiation safety officer as well. I can't tell you enough how much peace of mind your site has offered me and how much I appreciate the ability to ask and receive an answer. Thank you so much! (Submitted by J.K., 8/29/2023)