On the cover: The mIBG suite with the lead shields around the patient's bed

Operational Radiation Safety

CONTENTS - Vol. 115, No. 6, December 2018

Operational Topics

Radiation Safety Aspects of Iodine-131 Metaiodobenzylguanidine (131I mIBG) Therapy Program Startup
Jaime A. Barnes, Miguel de la Guardia, Tracey Easley, Heather Downs, Sommer Mims, Karen Nielson, and Meaghan Granger

Measurement of the Background Gamma Dose Rates in Houston, Texas: A Descriptive Summary of an Undergraduate Research Mentored Project Performed by Students Underrepresented in the Health Physics Profession
Anastasia M. Ozain-Porterie, Tommy Quach, and Mark C.Harvey

Visualizing High-Order Decay After Disequilibria
Charles A. Wilson IV, Katherine M. Hendrickson, Amin M. Hamideh, Kenneth L. Matthews II, and Wei-Hsung Wang

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