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Operational Radiation Safety

CONTENTS - Vol. 115, No. 4, October 2018

Operational Topics

Quality and Safety in the Cloud
Ronald Leuenberger, Ryan Kocak, David W. Jordan, and Tim George

Verification of Safety Compliance of Delivering Radionuclides at Vanderbilt University
Liang Chen, Christopher M. Helstern, and Michael G. Stabin

Evaluation of an Upward Trend in Background Count Rates From a Stack Particulate Continuous Air Monitor
Jeremy P. Rishel, J. Matthew Barnett, Andrey V. Mozhayev, Elliott "Dutch" Dutcher, Scott A. Colby, Gregory L. Carter, Gertrude K. Patello, Franciska H. Steen, and Eric M. Hanson

Investigation of Dose Rates Exterior to an Above-Ground Waste Storage Facility Using Radiation Transport Models
J. Mann, N. Zoeger, R. Koppitsch, and A. Brandl

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