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14 February 2019
Photos Added to 2018 HPS Annual Meeting in Review

The Meetings in Review page has been updated with more photos and information from the 2018 Health Physics Society Annual Meeting and the Professional Development School, which were held in Cleveland, Ohio, in July.

14 February 2019
Call for Abstracts for Annual Meeting Program

Deadline: 28 February 2019

The 64th Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society (HPS) will be held 7–11 July 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

The deadline for abstracts is fast approaching, so please consider submitting an abstract of your work (including special session abstracts) through the HPS website for presentation at the annual meeting. All are welcome to come and share their work.

There is also time to submit your request for a special session—there are still a couple openings. If there is a special topic you want to present to the health physics community, a special session is a great way to introduce it and initiate scientific dialogue with your peers. For more information, please contact Annual Task Force Chair Timothy Taulbee.

The abstract submittal deadline is 28 February 2019. The Program Committee will meet face-to-face on 8 March to plan the annual meeting by placing submitted papers into appropriate sessions, organizing the various sessions into rooms and time slots, and coordinating with AV people on layout and room size, etc. BEFORE we can do this, the Program Committee must REVIEW all of the abstracts. Thus, the Program Committee respectfully requests that you submit your abstracts by the 28 February 2019 deadline to give us one week to review them in preparation for our planning meeting on 8 March. Submittal and presentation guidelines can be found in the meetings area of the HPS website.

14 February 2019
Upcoming HPS Meetings

Add the dates of the following Health Physics Society meetings to your calendar. Check the Meetings and Conferences page of the website for the most current information.

52nd Midyear Meeting: 17–20 February 2019; San Diego, California

64th Annual Meeting: 7–11 July 2019; Orlando, Florida

53rd Midyear Meeting: 26–29 January 2020; Bethesda, Maryland

65th Annual Meeting: 4–9 July 2020; National Harbor, Maryland

66th Annual Meeting: 25–29 July 2021; Phoenix, Arizona

67th Annual Meeting: 16–21 July 2022; Spokane, Washington

12 February 2019
Help ICRP Complete Free the Annals

Donald Cool, ICRP Main Commission Member, Committee 4 Chair

In October of 2017, International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) Chair Claire Cousins announced ICRP's intention to "Free the Annals," and we began discussions with SAGE Publishing to transition to a free-after-two-years model. As of today, €70,000 is still needed to reach the required €500,000 to complete the goal of freeing the Annals. ICRP is optimistic that this will be possible in the next few months, which would make all issues up to 2017 free around the end of this year. ICRP set out to change how the world accesses Annals of the ICRP and is confident that is exactly what will happen. However, more help is needed, and it can start within the HPS community.

With almost 90% raised, ICRP still needs contributions from individuals and organizations from the radiological protection community. For individuals, above knowing you are supporting an initiaive that will change the radiological protection profession for the better, you can expect recognition on ICRP's website as well as in a future publication for playing a part in this permanent change.

For organizations, you can expect similar recognition; however, you will also receive some visibility at ICRP 2019 in Adelaide, Australia, joining a growing list of global supporters. It is understood that budgets may be set for the year, so if contributing in 2019 is an issue, any funds pledged this year and paid out in 2020 will be recognized immediately. Contributions and pledges for future payments need to be completed ASAP to ensure this transition is available by the end of 2019.

Do not hestiate—get your name or organization recognized as a champion of this initiative. Interested parties can contact ICRP Development and Communications Manager Kelsey Cloutier or visit the Free the Annals portion of ICRP website.

12 February 2019
Illinois Institute of Technology

S.Y. Chen, Program Director

The Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) professional master of health physics program is proud to announce the launch of the new academic track in Radiological Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Response. Following the addition of the Radiochemistry track in 2018, the new curriculum further expands the program to reach a new frontier that addresses the nation's critical needs in homeland protection, nuclear threats, and accidents. Illinois Tech is one of the first universities in the United States to offer such a degree.

The new academic track expands Illinois Tech's well-established master of health physics program to address radiological security and emergency areas. The specialization is based on the core health physics curriculum with the addition of three new innovative courses in (1) radiological source security and management, (2) nuclear emergency preparedness and response, and (3) seminars led by experts on field management of radiological emergencies.

In addition, the curriculum addresses the qualification requirements for the Department of Homeland Security's Radiological Operations Support Specialist (ROSS) Program. Graduates of the program will be ready to support the ROSS qualifications necessary to exhibit technical leadership in homeland protection, be rapidly deployed in emergencies, communicate recommendations to all concerned municipal entities, be familiar with state and federal agency protocol, and be integrated into incident command.

Applications open soon for the Radiological Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Response track, launching this fall semester, 2019. For questions about the Master of Health Physics degree or specializations in Radiochemistry or Radiological Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Response, contact program director, S.Y. Chen, PhD, by email or phone (312-567-3145).

6 February 2019
NCRP Publishes Report No. 180 on Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) is proud to announce the publication of Report No. 180: Management of Exposure to Ionizing Radiation: Radiation Protection Guidance for the United States (2018) as a tool for those responsible for implementing radiation protection programs and developing regulations in the United States.

Key points for radiation protection in this guidance include:

  • The best protection guidelines are flexible and reflect current circumstances.
  • New topics are addressed that have emerged in the last 25 years.
  • Medical use, stakeholder engagement, ethical values, and safety culture are included and emphasized.

More information on NCRP Report No. 180 can be found on the NCRP website, including an overview of intended audiences, strategy for the report, new topics, and the culture of radiation protection. You can purchase a copy of the report in the shop area of the NCRP website.

6 February 2019

William V. Lipton, CHP, ScD

I run a website that would be of interest to Health Physics Society members, Although primarily written for health physicists at nuclear power reactors, it provides those interested with insight into current issues and experiences of power reactor health physicists. Sections include dose control, effluents/REMP, surveys, groundwater, transportation, links, and a "back to basics" section that explores situations of interest. Also on the site is the blog "Paradise Lost," which explores case studies of power reactor events.

6 February 2019
Beware of Unauthorized Hotel Service Providers for Annual Meeting

Several 2019 Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting exhibitors, attendees, and members have been contacted by housing vendors who are offering to provide room rates and hotel services for HPS. These companies are NOT affiliated with HPS!

Attendees and exhibitors should be cautious of companies that:

  • Call you directly claiming they are official housing partners and have the best rates for Orlando. HPS will never call you directly to solicit hotel reservations.
  • Claim to be affiliated with HPS by offering discounted hotel rates, which often can be too good to be true.
  • Ask you to provide your contact information and credit-card details and require full prepayment in advance.
  • Claim to have availability at their advertised hotels, but may take the money for the rooms, then later cancel without refunding to you.

There are plenty of rooms available at the Hilton Orlando hotel. All meeting links are available on the HPS Orlando hotel page. The only way to book your room at the reduced HPS block rate is directly at the special hotel reservation link.

If you receive calls or emails that do NOT come directly from either or, they are unauthorized outside vendors and should be regarded as a potential scam.

Please contact Society headquarters with any questions.

1 February 2019
February 2019 Short Course Listings

A new list of short course offerings has been posted on the Short Courses page of the HPS website. Information on the following courses is available:

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) School and Refresher Class—RSO Services, Inc.

Certification Review Course Part I; Self Study Course Part I; Background Materials Review; Part I Question & Answer CD and Site License; Part I Additional Question & Answer Volume; NRRPT Question & Answer CD and Site License—Bevelacqua Resources

Certification Review Course Part II; Self Study Course Part II; Background Materials Review; NRRPT Question & Answer CD and Site License—Bevelacqua Resources

Radiation Safety Officer Training Course—Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.

Applied Health Physics—ORAU's Professional Training Programs

31 January 2019
February CHP Corner

The February 2019 CHP Corner has been posted on the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) website. This edition includes:

  • A discussion of the features of the new AAHP/American Board of Health Physics website.
  • Information on how members of the AAHP may access the Annals of the ICRP for free!
  • A call for nominations for the McAdams Outstanding Service Award.
  • A solicitation for a new editor for the CHP Corner.
30 January 2019
Editor's Pick for March Issue

Serious Monkey Business

Brant Ulsh, CHP, PhD, Health Physics Editor in Chief

How can we best help the victims of a nuclear detonation or a severe radiation accident? What medical measures and techniques can be brought to bear? Pick up the latest issue of Health Physics and find out! The March issue is the first of two issues of the journal presenting the latest research on medical countermeasures against radiological threats (MCART). It contains papers that examined acute radiation syndrome or the delayed effects of acute radiation exposure using nonhuman primates as an animal model. The work on mice and rats is coming in April. This round of papers builds on three similar efforts previously presented in Health Physics in this area. Readers involved in radiation biology, biomarkers, medical countermeasures, and predicting clinical outcomes of radiation exposures will be especially interested in these two issues.

29 January 2019
New IAEA Safety Guide

The International Atomic Energy Agency has published SSG-45, Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste From the Use of Radioactive Material in Medicine, Industry, Agriculture, Research and Education. This Specific Safety Guide, which is superseding and replacing the old WS-G-2.7 issued in 2005, is one of the supporting documents for the General Safety Requirements GSR Part 5.

29 January 2019
2018 CHP Salary Survey

The 2018 CHP Salary Survey has been posted on the HPS website.

29 January 2019
2019 NCRP Annual Meeting

The 2019 National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) meeting will be held 1–2 April 2019 at the Bethesda Hyatt in Bethesda, Maryland. The topic of the meeting will be "NCRP Meeting the Challenge at 90: Providing Best Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions About Radiation."

The program begins on 1 April 2019 with the Sixteenth Annual Warren K. Sinclair lecture by Dr. C. Norman Coleman, "Frontiers in Medical Radiation Science." The program for 1 April culminates with the Forty-Third Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture to be given by Dr. Andre Bouville, "Fallout From Nuclear Weapons Tests: Environmental, Health, Political, & Sociological Considerations." The Taylor Lecture will be followed by a reception in Dr. Bouville's honor.

On Tuesday, 2 April, the meeting will begin with the business session at 8:15 a.m. The program will continue at 9:45 a.m. with the Third Thomas S. Tenforde Topical Lecture, which will be given by Dr. Genevieve Roessler, "HPS Ask the Experts: Our Most Intriguing Questions and Answers."

The meeting agenda and registration are available on the NCRP website.

29 January 2019
ICRP/IRPA Special Session Call for Abstracts: 2019 HPS Annual Meeting

"Tolerability and Reasonableness"

Nicole Martinez and Thierry Schneider

The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) and the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) will be cohosting the special session "Tolerability and Reasonableness" at the 2019 Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting. Reasonableness and tolerability are key concepts that underly the principles of optimization and dose limitation, and much discussion and debate has arisen with respect to how we practically and responsibly implement them.

"Tolerability" provides a conceptual framework for implementation of optimization and limitation according to the level of risk, based primarily on exposure. "Reasonableness" is the foundation of optimization implementation (i.e., ALARA) and informs decision making with respect to adequate protection levels on a case-by-case basis and through an inclusive process.

Although tolerability and reasonableness are rooted in the ICRP core ethical values of beneficence/nonmaleficence, prudence, justice, and dignity, a variety of additional values can come into play that necessitate judgement that might not be immediately obvious. This special session is motivated by a desire to reflect on these two terms, posing such questions as:

  • What is the link between tolerable and reasonable?
  • What are the considerations and criteria on which these two concepts are based?
  • How do we account for sensitive or vulnerable populations?
  • How do we best support reasonable value for society?
  • Are the same criteria applicable for tolerability in all exposure situations?
  • What are some strategies to assist in balancing competing values in determining what is tolerable and/or reasonable?

Anticipated speakers will include representatives from ICRP and IRPA, and we invite HPS members and other interested parties to submit an abstract related to the topic so that we may have a wide variety of perspectives to consider and discuss.

If you have questions regarding the suitability of your abstract for the session or other related questions, please email Nicole Martinez or Thierry Schneider.

29 January 2019
Orlando's I-RIDE Trolley Service at 2019 HPS Annual Meeting

You might be wondering how to get around the extensive International Drive resort area while attending the 2019 Health Physics Society Annual Meeting in Orlando 7–11 July. Rental cars can be expensive and quite a hassle when you consider the traffic and parking challenges you might face.

By using the area's exclusive and convenient I-RIDE Trolley service you can sit back and ride up and down the miles of fun that make up the International Drive resort area. This wonderful, cost-saving amenity eliminates the driving and parking hassles and frees you to enjoy the attractions in the area where the annual meeting will be held.

The I-RIDE Trolley service provides convenient and affordable transportation to hundreds of exciting destinations within the International Drive resort area. It runs daily from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

29 January 2019
52nd HPS Midyear Meeting Registration and Talks

Join us in San Diego for the 52nd Health Physics Society (HPS) Midyear Meeting, 17–20 February 2019. It's not too late to register!

A full slate of talks from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon is planned. Additionally, the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA)-sponsored workshop "Radiation Safety Culture in Health Care" is FREE to attend for midyear meeting attendees and will be held Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

This year's plenary session features both national and international experts on radiation safety.

Dr. Luis Benevides, radiation safety officer for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, will be speaking on his experiences as a health physicist serving in the Navy. The talk "Deterministic Opportunities and Stochastic Journeys: A Career in the Armed Services as a Physicist" will serve as an unofficial start to the military health physics workshop held Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

From the international perspective, we are pleased to have speakers from the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Dr. Bernard Le Guen, IRPA executive officer, and Dr. María del Rosario Perez, a scientist with the WHO radiation program, will be discussing the global initiative of establishing radiation safety culture in health care. This multiorganization effort will be discussed in depth at the Wednesday and Thursday workshop.

For those interested, CAMPEP (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Continuing Education Credits) (MPCECs) is pending for appropriate sessions. If you have any questions related to which sessions are approved, contact Sandy Konerth.

Be sure to check out the meeting website for further details and to register! See you in sunny San Diego!

29 January 2019
Health Physics Society PEP and PDS Survey

The Health Physics Society is evaluating the Professional Enrichment Program (PEP) and the Professional Development School (PDS) program. The Board of Directors asks for a few moments of your time to provide feedback on the effectiveness and relevance of these programs to our members and your employers. Please click here to take the survey. Thank you for your time.

28 January 2019
PEP and CEL Call for Abstracts for 2019 Annual Meeting

Change in Deadline Date

The Health Physics Society (HPS) Continuing Education Committee is accepting titles and abstracts for the Professional Enrichment Program (PEP) and continuing education lecture (CEL) sessions for the 2019 HPS Annual Meeting in Orlando.

The topic should be in the field of health physics, medical physics, emergency response, homeland security, lasers, accelerators, environmental health physics, or calculations pertaining to health physics.

The PEP and CEL course honorarium has changed. You will receive either a $500 check or full registration credit regardless of the number of PEPs taught. You will receive a $250 check or partial registration credit for teaching one or more CELs.

Abstracts are due by 21 February 2019. Note that this is an earlier date than previously announced. Please do not wait until the last minute. Send abstracts and inquiries to Katharine McLellan. Thank you!

24 January 2019
In Memoriam: Walter A. Müller

HPS member Walter A. Müller passed away on 18 December 2018. His obituary can be found on the HPS website In Memoriam page.

24 January 2019
ICRP Annals Now Available to AAHP Members at no Cost

In celebration of the 90th anniversary of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), the ICRP has embarked on a campaign to "Free the Annals." This campaign seeks to raise 500K euros (approximately $580K) to provide free electronic access to the Annals of the ICRP with the exclusion of the rolling most recent two years. The American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) has made a donation to the campaign, and in return, AAHP members now have one year of full access to the Annals (including the last two years).

The Annals are available for download to members on the AAHP website. To access the Annals, simply log into the Members Only section of the AAHP website using your member number and personal password. The Log in link is in the upper right-hand corner of the banner on the new website. The link to the ICRP Annals is on the left-hand side of the Members Only page. This link will take you to the Sage Journals webpage, and the ICRP Annals may be accessed and downloaded to your computer via the "All PDF Issues" button.

Once the first year of full access has concluded, if the ICRP is successful in raising the required amount to "Free the Annals," Academy members will be able to access the Annals with the exception of the rolling most recent two years.

23 January 2019
Visit the New AAHP-ABHP Website

The new American Academy of Health Physics-American Board of Health Physics (AAHP-ABHP) website is open for business! The website has been designed to include a variety of new features to improve data management for membership. You can log into the Members Only section of the website using the "log in" link at the upper right-hand corner of the blue banner. Once you have logged in, clicking on the "My Account" link will provide an introduction to the Members Only section of the new website. You can edit your directory information in this section (using the Edit tab) and can check your membership status under "Your Member Overview," as well as making payments to renew your membership through 31 December 2019.

Additional new features, such as online recertification management, will be added to the site in early 2019. Be on the lookout for emails and notifications that will provide more detail on how to navigate the site and utilize the new functionality. As you explore the new website, you are encouraged to provide comments and suggestions to the website committee (using the Contact link at the bottom of each page) for continued improvement of the site.

17 January 2019
From the President: January 2019

View Health Physics Society (HPS) President Nolan Hertel's January video message welcoming the new year and reporting on the HPS government liaison team's December visit to agencies and congressional staff.

16 January 2019
IRPA Workshop in Conjunction With HPS Midyear

The International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) radiation safety culture in medicine workshop for North America will be held in conjunction with the 2019 Health Physics Society (HPS) Midyear Meeting in San Diego, California. This workshop will be held Wednesday, 20 February, 1–5 p.m. and Thursday, 21 February 2019. Workshop registration is free for all registered midyear meeting attendees.

Speakers from IRPA, the World Health Organization, Image Lightly, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, HPS, and other organizations will discuss what radiation safety culture in medicine means to their organizations. Day 2 will feature group discussions on how a radiation safety culture in medicine can be crafted. Be part of this important discussion and meet leading speakers in the field. If you are interested in IRPA, attend this workshop. If you have questions, please contact Steven King.

15 January 2019
New HPS Publications Style Guide

Visit the Health Physics Society (HPS) website to check out the newly updated HPS Publications Style Guide. Intended for anyone writing for HPS publications, this guide covers the style used for items posted on, written for Health Physics News, and submitted for the Health Physics Journal.

The most important sections with which to familiarize yourself if you are preparing items for

  • Section I.H: References, Citations, Resources, Footnotes, and Press Releases
  • Section VI: About SI Units
  • Section II: Specific Guidelines for Health Physics News and HPS Website
  • Section IV: Specific Guidelines for Ask the Experts Website
  • Appendix A: Word List

Use Appendix C: Reference Examples if you are preparing a posting that has references. It will help guide you in putting them in the correct format.

15 January 2019
52nd HPS Midyear Meeting Program

Jack Kraus, Program Committee Chair

The 52nd Health Physics Society (HPS) Midyear Meeting, 17–20 February 2019 in San Diego, California, will be a memorable meeting! The Society has been active in getting a wide range of speakers for this meeting. The preliminary program is now available on the HPS website. Highlighted in this article are some of the unique sessions to be held at the San Diego Sheraton in just a little over a month.

NCRP/Military Workshop

The HPS Military Health Physics Section is pleased to be working with the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) to host a special session/workshop on military health physics. A full day of military-related talks, picked by the HPS and NCRP, will be featured Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. The talks will offer a historical perspective of our military health physics programs, current program roles and projects, and exciting insights into the future. Half of our midyear plenary session will feature talks from military health physics as well. Stay tuned to the next newsletter for more details on the plenary.


Another special feature of this midyear meeting will be the inclusion of an HPS cosponsored workshop with the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) on radiation safety culture in health care. The workshop will be held on the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday of the meeting, 20–21 February 2019. With participants from IRPA, HPS, the World Health Organization, the International Organization for Medical Physics, and more, this two-day event will be a global discussion on establishing a sustainable safety culture program in health care. The meeting will be hands-on, with breakout groups, facilitated discussion and question-and-answer sessions planned! Best of all, this workshop is FREE to all paid HPS midyear meeting attendees (separate registration required if not attending the midyear meeting). Check out the meeting page on the HPS website soon for an updated posting and outline on the workshop. Please contact Steve King with any questions.

We will see you in San Diego!

15 January 2019
Disney Discounts: 2019 HPS Annual Meeting

Howard Dickson, Local Arrangements Committee

Those of you who plan to attend the 2019 Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, 7–11 July 2019 might be interested in some of the summertime deals in the Orlando area. Disney has released the details of its much-hyped free dining promotion for the summer of 2019. The deal, when booked by 10 February, gives travelers booking a stay at select Walt Disney World hotels free access to the "Disney Dining Plan," which pays for meals at the theme parks and resorts around the complex. Under the deal, guests who pay full price for a room essentially eat for free (although the deal doesn't include gratuities). More special offers can be found on the Disney website.

Other attractions will be offering competing deals, so you might want to check them all out.

Find more information on the 2019 HPS Annual Meeting on the HPS website.

11 January 2019
Newly Elected Officer and Board Members

Congratulations to the officer and Board of Directors members who will take office at the 2019 Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, in July:

Treasurer-elect Ali Simpkins

Director Timothy Taulbee

Director Latha Vasudevan

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