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15 October 2018
1980 HPS Annual Meeting Photo: Who Is That Man?

Many of the pictures from past Health Physics Society (HPS) annual and midyear meetings have all of those shown identified. However, many have images of those we have not matched with a name. A good example is this picture from the 1980 HPS Annual Meeting in Seattle. The individual at the far left has not yet been identified. Sitting with him are, left to right, Bob Johnson, Dick Burk, Mel Carter, Frazier Bronson, Morgan Cox, and Bill Reinig.

The History Committee has collected thousands of pictures from the annual meetings and midyear meetings and posted over 1,500 on the HPS website. Stop by sometime and visit our Society's past and help us fill in some missing names.

15 October 2018
IAEA E-Newsletter

The October 2018 International Atomic Energy Agency e-newsletter is now available.

15 October 2018
Free NCI Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry Course

The Radiation Epidemiology and Dosimetry Course is a free course conducted periodically by the Radiation Epidemiology Branch of the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG). The course is intended for people interested in learning about the health effects of radiation exposure (environmental, occupational, and medical)—particularly the relationship between ionizing radiation and cancer. It will cover the principles of radiation epidemiology, dosimetry, and statistics, as well as cutting-edge research. The course will be held 9–13 September 2019 in Rockville, Maryland. Those interested can send an email to be added to the course listserv. Course details and registration will follow.

15 October 2018
IAEA Publishes Two Safety Guides

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has just published two safety guides that are supporting documents for GSR Part 3, "Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards."

Safety Guide GSG-7, "Occupational Radiation Protection" was jointly developed by the IAEA and the International Labour Office (ILO).

Safety Guide SSG-46, "Radiation Protection and Safety in Medical Uses of Ionizing Radiation" was jointly developed by the IAEA, ILO, Pan American Health Organization, and World Health Organization.

15 October 2018
NRC IUP Funding Opportunities

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) FY2019 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for its Integrated University Program (IUP) was issued on 30 September 2018. The FOA will be open for 60 days. Some modifications have been made to this year's FOA that included language describing research areas of interest to the NRC, adherence to service agreements, student repayment debt collection, and timeliness of grant spending.

The FOA is a bit more descriptive this year and focuses details on the topical areas that are of interest to the NRC and the nuclear industry. This is the first time NRC has been able to provide its suggestions of topical areas into the FOA.

The IUP is not a technical-research grant program. It is intended to support academic institutions to encourage careers and research in nuclear-related fields to meet the future workforce needs, while enhancing the nuclear industry broadly. Proposals are not reviewed/rated based on the research, but are competitively rated against specific criteria. These are grants, not cooperative agreements, so NRC can't direct the research being performed or the outcome.

Volunteers are being solicited to serve as grant proposal reviewers. Reviewers will be needed for faculty development, scholarship and fellowship, and trade school and community college scholarship grant proposals. Reviewers will be assigned 5–8 proposals (depending on the number of proposals received) and be expected to participate in a one-hour review panel teleconference. All review material will be emailed to reviewers, with a two-week deadline for preliminary reviews to be submitted. The tentative time frame for the review process is in January 2019, schedule to be confirmed. 

If you are interested in serving on a panel, please respond by 30 November to Nancy Hebron-Isreal with the program you'd like to review (i.e., faculty development, scholarship and fellowship, or trade school and community college scholarship) and your area of expertise. Every attempt will be made to match you with proposals in your area of interest.

11 October 2018
"Public's Perspective on Communication During an Emergency"

The International Symposium on Communicating Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies to the Public was held 1–5 October 2018 at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

"Public's Perspective on Communication During an Emergency" was presented by Karen Carera of Oak Ridge Associated Universities, who has worked closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Emergency Management/Radiation and Chemical Branch on radiation communication research. In the video, she starts speaking at the 3:18:29 mark in Session 5 (the segment is about 8 minutes).

The symposium program is available on the IAEA website.

10 October 2018
"Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards"—Student/Young Professional Survey

Health Physics Society (HPS) Student Support Committee Chair Caitlin Condon presents results of the survey taken by students and young professionals who attended the joint American Nuclear Society/HPS "Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards" conference.

5 October 2018
"Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards"—Video 5

Health Physics Society Federal Agency Liaison Craig Little summarizes and comments on the final day of the joint American Nuclear Society/HPS "Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards" conference, which included:

  • Continuing Needs in Low-Dose Radiation Biology for Medicine and Industry
  • Risk Communication, Fear, and Regulation
  • Communication and Policy
  • Radiation, Fear, and Public Policy
  • Scientific Needs to Move Forward in Low-Dose Biology and Risk
  • Requirements to Update Regulations
  • Path Forward—How? and Who Will Have the Action?
  • Open Discussion to Focus on the Future
  • Summarization of Meeting

3 October 2018
"Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards"—Video 4

Health Physics Society Federal Agency Liaison Craig Little reports on presentations at Tuesday's opening session and panel, afternoon sessions and panels, and banquet presentation.

3 October 2018
"Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards"—Video 3

HPS President Nolan Hertel reports from the conference, showing a reminder of the problem being addressed. Using the analogy of a mouse running across a table, Hertel also describes some of the goals of the conference.

3 October 2018
"Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards"—Video 2

Health Physics Society member George Tabatadze shares his opinion on what he agrees is an historical meeting bringing together the many views on LNT.

2 October 2018
"Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards"—Video 1

Health Physics Society (HPS) Federal Agency Liaison Craig Little reports from the joint American Nuclear Society/HPS "Applicability of Radiation-Response Models to Low-Dose Protection Standards" conference.

1 October 2018
Special Issue of Health Physics Highlights Women in Radiation Protection

A special November issue of Health Physics Journal presents 13 original research papers, reviews, and commentaries related to women's contributions to and experiences in radiation protection and safety. Read the press release from publisher Wolters Kluwer to learn more about what is in this issue.

1 October 2018
October CHP Corner

The October edition of the CHP Corner is now available on the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) website.

This issue contains:

  • A summary of the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) special session "Potential Health Effects of Low Dose Radiation and the Role of Radiation Protection Professionals."
  • A reminder that the CHP Salary Survey is now open, including a web link.
  • The AAHP treasurer's report.
  • An American Board of Health Physics exam application reminder.
1 October 2018
November Health Physics Journal: Editor's Pick

What I'm Thankful For

Brant A. Ulsh, CHP, PhD, Health Physics Editor in Chief

The November issue of Health Physics celebrates contributions of our female colleagues to the field of radiation protection. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the many wonderful ladies who have enriched my career in health physics through their friendship, professional accomplishments, and inspiring examples. I am especially grateful to be a member of a professional society where women ably serve at every level of leadership.

On a personal note, I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to recognize and thank my colleagues Deanna Baker, Linnea Wahl, and Stella Bebos for the long hours they put in to make this journal happen every month. I owe a special note of thanks to Nicole Martinez, the guest editor for this issue, and it is especially gratifying to see so many students and young health physicists contributing their work to make this issue truly special. This month, I want to encourage you to read not one particular article, but rather the entire issue, and join the editorial staff of Health Physics in celebrating the fine work of the ladies in our field!

1 October 2018
October 2018 Short Course Listings

A new list of short course offerings has been posted on the Short Courses page of the HPS website. Information on the following courses is available:

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) School and Refresher Class—RSO Services, Inc.

Advanced Radiation Safety Officer Course—NV5/Dade Moeller Training Academy

Packaging and Shipping Class 7 (Radioactive) Material—Plexus Scientific Corporation

Advanced Radiation Biology & Radiological Risk—Technical Management Services, Inc.

27 September 2018
2019 HPS Annual Meeting: In the Heart of "Where It's Happening"

Howard Dickson

Greetings to all Health Physics Society (HPS) members and other interested parties. Planning for the next HPS annual meeting is well underway. The Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) for the 2019 annual meeting held its organizational meeting in St. Petersburg on 21 September.

Most of you already know that the 2019 HPS Annual Meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida, 7–11 July, with the Hilton Orlando as the headquarters hotel. We will be located right in the heart of "where it's happening" on Destination Parkway just off International Drive. That means we will be close to a number of features and events rated highly by tourists. Think Sea World, Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, iDrive 360, and many more.

The LAC is planning several surprises and innovations to supplement the traditionally favorite meeting features. The goal is to make the Orlando meeting the best annual meeting we have had, and we believe that goal is achievable. After all we are only getting prepared to host the best International Radiation Protection Association Congress ever in Orlando in 2024.

27 September 2018
In Memoriam: Gordon Quillin

HPS member Gordon Quillin passed away on 11 August 2018. His obituary can be found on the HPS website In Memoriam page.

26 September 2018
ICRP Announces Draft Report for Consultation

The draft "Adult Mesh-Type Reference Computational Phantoms" is now available for public consultation and can be downloaded from the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) website. This report describes the construction of adult mesh-type reference computational phantoms (MRCPs) that are the modelling counterparts of the Publication 110 voxel-type reference computational phantoms. ICRP welcomes comments from individuals and organizations. Comments must be submitted through the ICRP website no later than 14 December 2018.

26 September 2018
ICRP Wants to Free the Annals

Donald Cool, ICRP

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), the Commission is hoping to make a permanent change in the way we as professionals around the world access the Annals of the ICRP. The Annals are used to publish recommendations, the most recent general recommendations being Publication 103. Recommendations are published on many topics such as radon, medical exposure, and dose coefficients. To realize this change, ICRP needs to raise €500,000 by the end of 2018. The campaign—called "Free the Annals"—has already achieved 50% of that goal in firm commitments. Once achieved, access to all but the most recent two years of publications will be free, and it will continue this way indefinitely. We encourage Health Physics Society members across the country to speak with their organizations about the possibility of contributing to this worthy cause. Many individuals, globally and within the United States, have made personal contributions through the ICRP website. Interested members may contact Kelsey Cloutier for further details.

Read more on the ICRP website.

30 August 2018
Photos Added to 2018 HPS Annual Meeting in Review

More photos and information from the 2018 Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting, which was held in Cleveland, Ohio, have been posted on our HPS Meetings in Review page. Keep checking back—the page will be updated periodically.

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