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10 July 2018
AMUG 2018

The 30th annual workshop/seminar of the Air Monitoring Users Group (AMUG) will convene 15-16 October 2018 at the Palace Station in Las Vegas, Nevada. For information, contact Morgan Cox.

9 July 2018
In Memoriam: Troyce Don Jones

Health Physics Society (HPS) member Troyce Don Jones passed away on 28 March 2018. His obituary can be found on the HPS website In Memoriam page.

9 July 2018
Sign Up for the 2018 Quiz Bowl Competition

Team registrations are still being accepted for the Quiz Bowl at the 2018 Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. For registration details, please email Thuquynh Dinh or send a message via the HPS Student Support Committee Facebook page.

9 July 2018
IAEA SSR-6 on Safe Transport Published

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has published Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material (2018 Edition), IAEA Specific Safety Requirements No. SSR-6 (Rev. 1), which is available on the IAEA website. This publication is the latest edition of the IAEA safety requirements for the safe transport of radioactive material. It is supported by six IAEA safety guides that provide explanation and guidance for the SSR-6 requirements to facilitate harmonized implementation.

9 July 2018
PDS Think Tank: Live-Stream Broadcast

The 2018 Health Physics Society (HPS) Professional Development School (PDS) Think Tank will hold the live-stream broadcast "Medical Physics Enterprise: Quality and Safety in the Cloud," Thursday, 19 July, at 6 p.m. For more information on the PDS and the 2018 HPS Annual Meeting see the Upcoming HPS Meetings newsletter page.

9 July 2018
ICRP Draft Report on Effective Dose Open for Consultation

The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) draft report "The Use of Effective Dose as a Radiological Protection Quantity" is now available for public consultation. Comments from individuals and organizations are welcome. The draft document can be downloaded from the ICRP website. Comments must be submitted through the ICRP website no later than 3 August 2018. 

3 July 2018
2018 HPS Annual Meeting Final Program

The final program for the 2018 Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting is now available in the Meetings section of the HPS website. Visit the HPS website for the latest information on the meeting, which will be held 15–19 July in Cleveland, Ohio. 

2 July 2018
Editor's Pick

Read "The Dose Makes the Poison" by Health Physics Journal Editor in Chief Brant Ulsh—his Editor's Pick for the August issue of the Journal.

30 June 2018
Now Available: Federal Guidance Report No. 15

On 25 June 2018, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Radiation and Indoor Air published Federal Guidance Report (FGR) No. 15, External Exposure to Radionuclides in Air, Water, and Soil. FGR 15 tabulates age-specific reference person effective dose-rate coefficients for 1,252 radionuclides based on external exposure to radionuclides distributed in air, water, and soil. The report updates and expands the 1993 FGR 12. Compared to FGR 12, FGR 15 incorporates:

  • Six different age groups (FGR 12 had one).
  • Updated tissue weighting factors (as recommended in International Commission on Radiological Protection [ICRP] Publication 103).
  • Updated radionuclide decay data (as provided in ICRP Publication 107).
  • Improved computing power to provide more precise calculations.

FGR 12 is not being rescinded because it will still be required when regulations specify use of external dose coefficients from either ICRP Publication 26 or 30.

FGR 15 was developed in close collaboration with scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL) Center for Radiation Protection Knowledge. The full report is available on the EPA website. Additionally, tissue-specific equivalent dose rate coefficients (not included in the report) were tabulated and are available online from ORNL.

As noted, this technical report provides external dose-rate coefficients based on dosimetric weighting factors in ICRP Publication 103 and radionuclide decay data from ICRP Publication 107. However, FGR 12 is still the appropriate guidance to use when regulations specify use of ICRP Publication 26-based methodology.

If you have questions about this FGR 15, please contact Mike Boyd.

30 June 2018
In Memoriam: Lyle Arthur Rathbun

Health Physics Society (HPS) member Lyle Arthur Rathbun passed away on 7 June 2018. His obituary can be found on the HPS website In Memoriam page.

30 June 2018
In Memoriam: William (Bill) Baumgartner

Health Physics Society (HPS) member William (Bill) Baumgartner passed away on 7 June 2018. His obituary can be found on the HPS website In Memoriam page.

30 June 2018
HPS Member Discount at Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Great news! Using the link and special promotional code below, adult general-admission tickets for the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame can be purchased at the discount rate of $18 (regularly $26). This offer is available online only and is valid 9–24 July 2018.

  • Go to
  • Enter promo code "BigJoeTurner18" in the upper right-hand corner at checkout.
  • Hit "Submit" to activate the code.
30 June 2018
Low-Dose Radiation Plenary Session at 2018 HPS Annual Meeting

The plenary session at the 2018 Health Physics Society Annual Meeting in Cleveland will focus on low-dose radiation—research, dosimetry, regulatory impact, and hidden burden of conservatism. "Health Physics and the Realm of Low-Dose Radiation" is the organizing theme of the session, which will be held Monday, 16 July, 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.


  • Welcome from the Honorable Frank Jackson, mayor of Cleveland.
  • To set the stage for the rest of the plenary, Dr. Eric Abelquist will open the session with comments on low-dose radiation research update, minimum dose constraint (National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement's negligible individual dose and concept of ALARA stopping point), and public communication challenges.
  • Dr. James Conca, an independent writer frequently contributing to Forbes, will be the Dade Moeller Memorial Lecturer. He will discuss radiation limits and their impact on decommissioning and the overall expense when you regulate to levels less than background.
  • Dr. Roger Coates, International Radiation Protection Association president, will be the Morgan Lecturer. In "Prudence and the Hidden Burden of Conservatism," he will address the need to ensure a more conscious and appropriate balance between the ethical values of prudence and beneficence, which takes account of societal "value for money" and the public benefit.
  • Dr. Antone Brooks will be the Landauer Lecturer. For many years, Dr. Brooks was the chief scientist of the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science low-dose program. He recently authored the book Low Dose Radiation: The History of the U.S. Department of Energy Research Program, which chronicles the DOE science program. He will give an overview of the DOE low-dose radiation program.
  • Dr. Rui Qui, from the China Radiation Safety Society, is an associate professor in the Department of Engineering Physics of Tsinghua University in China. Her talk, "Latest Development and Applications of the Multiscale Chinese Reference Phantoms," will discuss her work yielding data that provides references for the revision of the national standard for the estimation of the examinee's organ doses generated by x-ray diagnosis in China.
30 June 2018
63rd HPS Annual Meeting Program Online

The preliminary program for the 63rd Health Physics Society Annual Meeting has been posted on the Society website. Start making your plans now to attend the meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, in July.

30 June 2018
More Books Added for HPS Publications Booth Book Drawing

Come to the Health Physics Society (HPS) publications booth at the 2108 HPS Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, for your chance to win a great book! Books that have been donated for the drawing so far are listed on the Health Physics News Upcoming Meetings page and are valued at over $5,500.

30 June 2018
Prepare for the 2018 HPS Annual Meeting

The 63rd Health Physics Society (HPS) Annual Meeting will be held 15–18 July 2018 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio. For information on sessions being planned, the professional development school (PDS), and the first health physics garage sale, see the Upcoming HPS Meetings newsletter page. This month, the special session "Accelerators," the HPS publications book drawing, the PDS think-tank panel discussion, the Quiz Bowl, and the night out are highlighted. For additional information, visit the 63rd Annual Meeting page on the HPS website.

30 June 2018
July 2018 Short Course Listings

A new list of short course offerings has been posted on the Short Courses page of the HPS website. Information on the following courses is available:

Radiation Safety Officer Training Class—Radiation Safety & Control Services

Advanced Radiation Safety Officer Training Class—Radiation Safety & Control Services

Operation and Calibration of Instruments—Radiation Safety & Control Services

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) School and Refresher Class—RSO Services, Inc. 

Virtual Medical Radiation Safety Officer (MRSO) Training Course—Versant Medical Physics & Radiation Safety

Advanced Detection of Concealed Radiological Threats—Videnus, LLC. 

Packaging and Shipping Class 7 (Radioactive) Material—Plexus Scientific Corporation


29 June 2018
2018 Health Physics Society Awards

The Health Physics Society (HPS) Awards Committee is pleased to recognize the following individuals with awards for their outstanding contributions to the profession and practice of health physics. The 2018 HPS awards will be presented during the 2018 HPS Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Awards Plenary Breakfast, Wednesday, 18 July.

Details on the criteria for selection of each award can be found on the Awards page of the HPS website.

Fellow Award: Andy Karam, Michael Lewandowski, William Lorenzen, Ali Simpkins, Carl Tarantino, Steve Brown, Peter Darnell, Jim Willison

Health Physics Honor Roll: Frank Costello, Gary Kephart, Randy Scott

Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award: George Xu

Elda E. Anderson Award: Shaheen Dewji

Founders Award: Howard Dickson

Dade W. Moeller Lectureship Award: James Conca

G. William Morgan Lectureship Award: Tamara Yankovich and Roger Coates

Landauer Memorial Lectureship Award: Antone Brooks

Homeland Security Section 2018 Service Award: Brooke Buddemeier

Military Health Physics Section John C. Taschner Leadership Award: Captain John J. Cardarelli, II

Military Health Physics Section Civilian Superior Service Award: Paul K. Blake

Nonionizing Section 2018 Service Award: Dave Sliney

American Board of Health Physics William McAdams Outstanding Service Award: Govind Rao

American Academy of Health Physics Joyce P. Davis Memorial Award: Charles Roessler

29 June 2018
July 2018 CHP Corner

The July 2018 CHP Corner is now available on the American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) website. Read about the process used to develop the ABHP Part II examination. Included is a call for new panel members in specialty areas.

There have been interesting developments in the area of title protection for certified health physicists. Take a look at the message from the Title Protection and Professional Recognitions Committee chairperson.

26 June 2018
Kathryn Held Selected as NCRP President

Health Physics Society Member Kathryn D. Held has been selected to serve as the sixth president of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). Her term will begin 1 January 2019, when current President John D. Boice, Jr., steps down. More information can be found in the press release on the NCRP website.

14 June 2018
RadResponder Network: Free National Standard for Managing Radiological Data

RadResponder Network is now provided free to all federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial response organizations, allowing users to uniformly establish a flexible, efficient, and networked approach to the management of radiological data. For more information, see the article on the Health Physics Society website.

14 June 2018
New NRC Commissioners Caputo and Wright Sworn In; Commissioner Baran to Serve Additional Term

Cindy Flannery, CHP, NRC

Annie Caputo and David A. Wright were sworn in as U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) commissioners last week by NRC Chairman Kristine L. Svinicki. Commissioner Caputo will serve the remainder of a five-year term ending 30 June 2021. Commissioner Wright will serve the remainder of a five-year term ending 30 June 2020. Jeff Baran, who began his first term as commissioner in October 2014, was confirmed by the Senate for a new term expiring 30 June 2023.

Commissioner Caputo previously served as senior policy advisor for Chair John Barrasso on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. She also held this position for then-Chairman James Inhofe from 2007 to 2012. From 2005 to 2006 and 2012 to 2015, Commissioner Caputo worked for the House Committee on Energy & Commerce handling nuclear energy issues. Prior to her positions on Capitol Hill, she worked for Exelon Corporation. A graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she holds a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering.

Commissioner Wright previously served as President of Wright Directions, LLC, a strategic energy consulting and communication business. He also served as a member and chair of the South Carolina Public Service Commission from 2004 to 2013. He was elected and served as president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners from 2011 to 2012. Additionally, he served as a council member, mayor, and member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Commissioner Wright received a bachelor's degree in political science from Clemson University.

Commissioner Baran previously worked for the U.S. House of Representatives for more than 11 years. He also worked on a range of NRC issues including new reactor licensing, existing reactor oversight, and decommissioning. Prior to his work on Capitol Hill, Commissioner Baran served as a law clerk for Judge Lesley Wells of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. Commissioner Baran earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in political science from Ohio University. He holds a law degree from Harvard Law School.

The full press release may be read on the NRC website.

14 June 2018
From the Archives

Oftentimes the Health Physics Society (HPS) annual meeting will include an evening excursion for social activities. In this picture taken during the 2001 HPS Annual Meeting in Cleveland, left to right, Nancy Daugherty, Regis Greenwood, and Debbie and Bruce Zibung enjoy dinner on a lake cruise.

The HPS History Committee has collected thousands of pictures from the annual meetings and midyear meetings. Check out what we have posted on the HPS website—or better yet, come to Cleveland next month and be a part of new pictures we take. See you in Cleveland!!

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