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1 June 2020
June 2020 Short Course Listing

The June short course offerings have been posted on the Short Courses page of the HPS website. Information on the following courses is available:

MicroShield® Expert Certification—Grove Software, a Division of Grove Engineering, Inc.

Packaging and Shipping Class 7 (Radioactive) Material—Plexus Scientific Corporation

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Training Course and Refresher Class—RSO Services, Inc.

Radiation Safety Officer Training Class—Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc.

28 May 2020
HPS2020 Shirts for Sale by BWCHPS!

Jeff Chapman and Gary Chen, Local Arrangements Committee Cochairs

In case you missed this in the April or May newsletter:

Thank you to those of you who saw this announcement in the April and May issues of the newsletter and ordered shirts. The Baltimore-Washington Chapter of the Health Physics Society (BWCHPS) preordered and purchased a lot of shirts for the midyear and annual meetings. We still have a good many left.

Please visit the BWCHPS web store, which is still open and taking orders, to purchase yours today.

The way things are going, these shirts may be collector's items!

The BWCHPS web store page provides up-to-date information on how we intend to distribute the shirts in mid-to-late July 2020.

27 May 2020
SAFRON Update and Webinar

A new update for SAFRON users can be found on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) website.

SAFRON, Safety in Radiation Oncology, is an IAEA integrated voluntary reporting and learning system in radiotherapy and radionuclide therapy incidents and near misses.

IAEA is also holding the webinar Learning through Experience: Using SAFRON Incident Learning System in Philippines—Case Study on 11 June 2020.

27 May 2020
RadResponder Offers Webinars

The RadResponder organization is offering the following no-cost webinars:

More information can be found on the RadResponder website.

27 May 2020
EFRS Webinar Series on Radiation Protection

The European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS), in collaboration with the Radiation Protection of Patients Unit of the International Atomic Energy Agency and EuroSafe Imaging, has begun its 2020 Webinar Series on Radiation Protection.

The aim of the webinar series is to act as an additional tool to improve the knowledge, skills, and competences of radiographers in this field. The webinar series will also serve as a continuing professional development (CPD) for radiographers.

The first two topics in the EFRS Radiation Protection Webinar Series are:

  • Radiation Protection in Computed Tomography (5 episodes)
  • Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy (5 episodes)

Several episodes have already occurred, but you are able to listen to a recording of the episodes.

Certificates: When you have followed a webinar presentation from start to end, you will receive an automated email within 48 hours with a link to download your certificate. For listening to the recording, no certificates are issued.

Visit the EFRS website for the full program overview and registration.

20 May 2020
EPA Science Advisory Board Requests MARSSIM Experts

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff Office invites public nominations of technical experts to augment the SAB's Radiation Advisory Committee (RAC) to conduct a review of Revision 2 of the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM). Any member of the public wishing further information regarding this notice and request for nominations may contact Designated Federal Officer Dr. Diana Wong by telephone at 202-564-2049 or by email. General information concerning the EPA SAB can be found at the EPA SAB website. Nominations should be submitted in time to arrive no later than 4 June 2020.

20 May 2020
ANL Short Course Postponements

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Argonne National Laboratory Facility Decommissioning Training Course advertised on the Health Physics Society website has been postponed and will be rescheduled soon. Watch the ANL website for full details.

13 May 2020
NCRP Report No. 185 on Radiation Risks for Studies Involving Human Subjects

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) announces the publication of NCRP Report No. 185, Evaluating and Communicating Radiation Risks for Studies Involving Human Subjects: Guidance for Researchers and Institutional Review Boards. The report is a unique, comprehensive document providing information integral to the development, evaluation, and execution of research involving exposure of human subjects to ionizing radiation. A publication overview is available on the NCRP website.

12 May 2020
IRPA Bulletin No. 25

The International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) has posted IRPA Bulletin No. 25 in English and Spanish on the IRPA website.

8 May 2020

As you may already be informed, IRPA 15 has been postponed due to COVID-19 and will take place as rescheduled 18–22 January 2021. All of the programs, including technical tours and the gala dinner, will remain the same as planned, regardless of the change of the dates.

Please visit the IRPA 15 website for more information.

8 May 2020
"Radiation Exposure From Medical Exams and Procedures" Fact Sheet Updated

Deirdre Elder and Bryan Lemieux

It's always good to see a team's progress culminate in a finished, published product. The members of the Health Physics Society's (HPS) Public Information Committee are working to update the HPS fact sheets as useful tools to communicate many valuable facets of health physics to the general public. Just this week, after a lengthy debate, revision, and peer-review process, we've published the revised "Radiation Exposure From Medical Exams and Procedures" fact sheet.

In large part, the "Radiation Exposure From Medical Exams and Procedures" fact sheet and the other fact sheets evolved from questions received in the Ask the Experts portal. This public information is free and exists to help the general public understand radiation and health physics, and for you—the health physicist—to more effectively communicate with those who may want to know more, have questions, or have concerns. Take time to read the fact sheets and know what's there. Understand it. Use it. Reference it. Share it.

For any questions about the Public Information Committee, please contact Deirdre, Bryan, or Emily Caffrey.

6 May 2020
May 2020 CHP Corner

Dan Sowers, CHP Corner Editor

The May 2020 issue of the CHP Corner is available to all on the American Academy of Health Physics website. In this issue we introduce another CHP in the spotlight: Adam Stavola from the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. This edition of the CHP Corner is particularly relevant to all health physicists, not just those who are certified. Don't miss it!

30 April 2020
A Medical Focus - June Health Physics Journal

Brant Ulsh, CHP, PhD, Health Physics Editor in Chief

With the world in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems especially appropriate to focus our attention on the safety of medical workers and patients. The June issue of Health Physics includes four articles on radiation safety in medicine. Chase Foreman and Dr. Shaheen Dewji consider the "Estimation of External Dose Rates to Hotel Workers From Bed Linens Contaminated by 131I Patients" and Prof. Zaid Q. Ababneh and colleagues present an "Assessment of Patient Radiation Dose During Conventional Diagnostic X-Ray Examinations in Three Public Hospitals in Northern Jordan Using TLDs." Kenta Kijima and colleagues report a "Reduction of Occupational Exposure Using a Novel Tungsten-Containing Rubber Shield in Interventional Radiology" and finally, from the world of veterinary medicine, Dr. Richard E. Wendt presents "Radiation Safety Considerations in the Treatment of Canine Skeletal Conditions Using 153Sm, 90Y, and 117mSn."

On another note, while many of us are quarantined, why not use this time productively and polish off that half-finished draft manuscript lingering in the depths of your hard drive? Our pipeline of new articles is a little light at the moment, and we would welcome your papers! Please accept our socially distant best wishes for continued safety, from all of us here at the Health Physics journal. Don't forget to wash your hands!

29 April 2020
NCRP Commentary on NORM and TENORM From Oil and Gas Industry

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) has published NCRP Commentary No. 29, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) from the Oil and Gas Industry. The purpose of this commentary is to review practices associated with contemporary methods of oil and gas exploration and production that have potential radiological concerns, evaluate the historical and current status of regulations pertinent to management of NORM/TENORM in the oil and gas industry, and recommend topic areas for development in a comprehensive future NCRP report.

Commentary No. 29 is available on the NCRP website. Currently, it is only available in a PDF format due to COVID-19. Once the NCRP office reopens, the website will be updated to include hardcopy sales.

28 April 2020
June Short Course Cancellations

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the following June ORAU short courses advertised on the Health Physics Society website have been cancelled. The December Gamma Spectroscopy course is still scheduled. Please check for updates as the date gets closer.

ORAU's Professional Training Programs:

  • Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Health Physics Statistics
28 April 2020
Radioprotection Journal Offers Open Access

To support all researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2018–2020 issues of Radioprotection (the journal of the Société Française de Radioprotection) are open access during the COVID pandemic. The articles can be found on the EDP Sciences website and many are written in English.

28 April 2020
Have You Entered the Tesla Raffle Yet?

The Health Physics Society (HPS) Tesla raffle is still going and is now open to the public. Tell your friends and family and help support the HPS!

The chance to win a Tesla Model 3 Long Range is good because only 2,000 tickets will be sold. And tickets are only $50.

Click here to go to the raffle website and start dreaming about where you will go in your new cool ride! And dream of this interior as you whisk around in silence.

See a Tesla review on the Car and Driver website for ideas on how to configure your ride.

24 April 2020
Bosch Season 6: Dirty Bombing the City of Angels

Emily Caffrey, ATE Editor in Chief

Have you heard of the hit Amazon series Bosch? Did you know that Season 6 features the death of a medical physicist, stolen radioactive material, and potential dirty bombs? The Health Physics Society's own Andrew Karam watched the entire season in a day and documented his findings. Read Andy's critique to see how well Amazon did in its portrayal of radiation.

7 April 2020
Plenary Sessions: HPS 2020 Midyear Meeting

The Health Physics Society 53rd Midyear Meeting, which was held in Bethesda, Maryland, in January 2020, included a plenary session each morning. The speakers are shown here. All photos are courtesy of Casper Sun.


HPS President Eric Goldin

NRC Commissioner David Wright

Jonathan Edwards, EPA – "The Intersection of Radiation Science and Communication"



Maria Korsnick, NEI – "Nuclear Industry Overview and Outlook"

Donald Miller, PAC 4 Committee, FDA – "Overview of NCRP Activities (Emphasis on Radiation Protection in Medicine)"



Rod Baltzer, Deep Isolation – "Innovations in Disposal of High-Level Nuclear Waste"


7 April 2020
UAB HP Student Kayla Stinson Receives Outstanding Student Research Award at 2019 HPS Annual Meeting

Muhammad Maqbool, UAB Health Physics Program

Kayla Stinson, a University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Health Professions MS in health physics student, was awarded the Health Physics Society (HPS) Outstanding Student Research Award for her research presentation at the HPS 64th Annual Meeting in July 2019. Her oral presentation for the award competition, based on her poster "Characterization of MCP-124 and MCP-150 Alloys for Beam Collimation and Radiation Shielding," was one of only two awarded out of more than 250 oral and 70 poster presentations.

"This is a huge honor for a young program to win an award competing against so many researchers from around the world," said Stinson's mentor, Associate Professor Muhammad Maqbool, PhD, Health Physics Program, UAB Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences.

Stinson's research investigates different materials' shielding properties—testing how well they protect against radiation. Her work looked at many different factors, including scattered radiation and buildup as well as mathematical developments based on the Klein-Nishina formula. The work was designed to consider scattering cross sections and radiation dose accuracy for radiation workers and patients.

The MCP-124 is a eutectic of the bismuth-lead system with a low melting point designed for biomedical applications as it can easily be bent, with a melting point of 124 degrees Celsius. Stinson has also published her work with wax, a commonly used material in this area.

Maqbool says research in this area continues at UAB. He is expanding the research with three students—two in health physics and one in nuclear medicine technology. Their goal is to present updated results for publication in early 2020.

Stinson, who earned a cash award and a plaque for her research award, graduated in December 2019.

13 February 2020
BWCHPS Highlights From the 2020 HPS Midyear Meeting

HPS Local Arrangements Committee

The Baltimore Washington Chapter of the Health Physics Society (BWCHPS) was pleased to support local arrangements for the 2020 HPS Midyear Meeting, which was held in Bethesda, Maryland, the week of 19 January 2020. While there were many highlights of the meeting, we must say that there was great interest in the two tours that were arranged as well as the cool dry-fit HPS 2020 polo shirts that were offered for sale by the chapter and that will continue on sale through the annual meeting in National Harbor.

Tour of the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

HPS midyear participants at AFRRI. Photo courtesy of Dr. William F. Blakely

The Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI) supported a request from the BWCHPS and hosted a visit to AFRRI on Monday, 27 January. Maj. Joshua Molgaard and Dr. William F. Blakely, both of AFFRI, organized the visit, which involved about a dozen attendees of the 2020 HPS Midyear Meeting. AFRRI tour participants saw AFRRI's 60Co Facility, Reactor Facility, and Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Laboratory. Several AFRRI staff assisted as tour guides, including Dr. V. Kumar, Dr. David Schauer Maj. J. Molgaard, Charles (Bob) Woodruff and SFC S. Moore. Additional AFRRI staff, who supported the AFRRI tour, includes Maj. C. Barrera, Dr. David Bolduc, C. Lingerfelt, and SFC B. Knibbe.


Tour of the US NRC Headquarters Operations Center

HPS midyear participants at the NRC Headquarters Operations Center. Photo courtesy of Jeff Kowalczik

On Tuesday, 28 January, about 25 HPS midyear meeting participants toured the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) Headquarters Operations Center. The center serves as the coordination point for communications with NRC licensees, state entities, and other federal agencies during incidents and emergency events at NRC-licensed facilities. The tour was hosted by HPS member Jeff Kowalczik.


HPS 2020 Dry-Fit Polo Sales

HPS polo shirts were sold at the midyear meeting. Photo courtesy of Jeff Chapman

Throughout the week of the midyear meeting, HPS polo shirts were offered for sale. These shirts feature in red, white, and blue a 4th of July celebration over our Nation's Capital, Washington, DC. We will continue to offer these shirts. Soon you will be able to preorder them online prior to the HPS annual meeting in National Harbor, Maryland.


Midyear Night Out at Pinstripes-Bistro-Bowling-Bocce

Bowling at Pinstripes. Photo courtesy of Jeff Chapman

BWCHPS members were joined by two HPS members attending the midyear meeting for a fun evening of bowling, food, and beverage at the upscale Pinstripes bistro. We are pleased to report results: n=7 and mean and 1sd of 112 ± 11. Ed Tupin was the clear winner, having amped up his game prior to attendance. When someone walks onto the alley wearing their own personal bowling shoes, beware.


1 August 2019
Upcoming HPS Meetings

Add the dates of the following Health Physics Society meetings to your calendar. Check the Meetings and Conferences page of the website for the most current information.

65th Annual Meeting: The July 2020 meeting has been cancelled. Information will be updated as the Board continues to look at options for this meeting.

66th Annual Meeting: 25–29 July 2021; Phoenix, Arizona

67th Annual Meeting: 16–21 July 2022; Spokane, Washington

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