The Health Physics Society Vision Statement

HPS will be the home for radiation safety specialists and the trusted source of radiation safety information that enables the safe use of radiation to improve people's lives.

The Health Physics Society Mission Statement

The Health Physics Society is a professional organization whose mission is excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety. Society activities include encouraging research in radiation science, developing standards, and disseminating radiation safety information. Society members are involved in understanding, evaluating, and controlling the potential risks from radiation relative to the benefits.

The activities of the Society are those appropriate to the accomplishment of the mission including:

  1. Promoting cooperation and communication among people engaged in radiation protection activities within particular geographic or functional areas and technical specialties through chapters and sections.
  2. Providing for the dissemination and exchange of information through scientific and professional meetings, education, and publications.
  3. Encouraging scientific, professional, and public education.
  4. Promoting scientific research.
  5. Encouraging and supporting the development and use of radiation protection standards and recommendations.
  6. Pursuing other activities appropriate to radiation safety.

Click here to see the Society Code of Ethics and the Society Strategic Plan.