G. William Morgan Lecture Series

Picture of G. William Morgan

G. William Morgan was a charter member of the Health Physics Society and was a very active member during the Society's early years. Morgan began his health physics career at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as part of the Manhattan Project. He later joined the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and was instrumental in the development of the initial regulations that became part of 10 CFR Part 20. He was a great champion of education and helped establish the AEC Health Physics Fellowship Program. Morgan later became very successful in the real estate business, but always retained his interest in the health physics profession.

When he died in 1984, Morgan bequeathed a substantial fund to the Health Physics Society. The will requires that the fund's interest be used to support internationally known experts to present papers at the Society's meeting. The Society's Awards Committee has the responsibility for the selection of the international experts who will be supported by the fund.

List of Lecturer Recipients