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16-18 Apr 2018
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11-15 May 2020
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15-19 Jul 2018
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17 June 2019

Index of Midyear Meeting Abstracts

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38th Midyear Meeting: "Materials Control and Security: Risk Assessment, Handling, and Detection"

Advances in Instrumentation, Materials Detection and Measurement

Emergency Response Planning and Programs – Part I

Emergency Response Planning and Programs – Part II

HPS Members Call to Action

Late Submissions

Materials Control and Security in University and Medical Facilities

Materials Control and Security Risk Assessments

Source Security and Monitoring Programs

37th Midyear Meeting: "Air Monitoring and Internal Dosimetry"

Air Monitoring Users Group Special Session, Part 1

Effluent and Environmental Monitoring

Homeland Security and Air Monitoring

Late Submissions

Personal Air Sampling, Part 1

Personal Air Sampling, Part 2


Workplace Air Monitoring, Part 1

Workplace Air Monitoring, Part 2

36th Midyear Meeting: "Radiation Safety Aspects of Homeland Security and Emergency Response"

Biophysical and Biological Techniques for Retrospective Radiation Dosimetry

Consequence Management and Community Needs

Emerging Technologies, Part 1

Emerging Technologies, Part 2

Environmental Detection and Considerations in Homeland Defense

Invited Lectures by HPS Ad Hoc Committee on Homeland Defense

Late Submissions

Operational Health Physics Aspects/Impacts of Homeland Defense


Poster Session

Radiological Incidents, Part 1

Radiological Incidents, Part 2

Regulatory Issues

35th Midyear Meeting: "Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration"

Controlling Dose 2

Controlling Dose I

Decommissioning 2

Decommissioning 3


Late Submissions



Poster Session

Regulatory Issues

34th Midyear Meeting: "Radiation Safety and ALARA Considerations for the 21st Century"


Automated Applications

Changes in Medical Application


Orphan Source

Other/Power Reactor Innovations

Personnel Surveillance Applications

Poster Session

Regulatory Considerations

AIRRS Section

33rd Midyear Meeting: "Instrumentation, Measurements, and Electronic Dosimetry"



Electronic Dosimetry

Field Use

Laboratory Use

Poster Session

Primary and Secondary Standards and Traceability


Records Management

Site Characterization

Survey Protocols

32nd Midyear Meeting: "Creation and Future Legacy of Stockpile Stewardship Isotope Production, Applications, and Consumption"

Analytical Techniques

Environmental Implications of Stockpile Stewardship

External Regulation of DOE Facilities

Health Implications of Stockpile Stewardship

Instrumentation, Monitors, and Devices

Isotope Production, Applications, and Safety

Full Session

Poster Session

Sealed Sources, Recycling, and Transmutation

Space Applications

Stockpile Stewardship - History, Management, and Safety of Materials

Tritium Enrichment and Production

31st Midyear Meeting: "Good Practices in Health Physics"

Decommissioning & Waste Management

  • A New Inventory System at an Old University (N. R. Sunderland, S. Lowry)
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning Underground Tanks Containing Radioactive Materials (R. K. Bhat, H T Mikulski, L. V. Bender, D. M. Lawlor, S. E Burnett, L. Kane, S. Das)
  • Decontamination and Reconditioning of the Argonne National Laboratory-West Casting Laboratory Alpha Glove Box (J. W. Poston, Jr., L. L. Burke)
  • Evaluation of a High-Level Waste Radiological Maintenance Facility (K. J Collins )
  • Removal of Radioactive Waste from the Dresden Unit I Decommissioning Project (P. D. Quealy, R. E. Aker)
  • Resurrecting a LLRW Program at the Ohio State University (P. A. Karam )

Educational Programs

  • Current Experiences in Radiation Safety Officer Training (T. E. Johnson )
  • The A&M - UT Health Protection Engineering Student Pipeline: An Assessment of the Experience During the First Two Years (I. S. Hamilton, R. J. Emery)
  • The Challenge of Laser Training at a World-Class Facility: Laser Training at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (K. L. Barat)

Medical Health Physics

  • Health Physics Instructions in the Yale Nuclear Medicine Residency Program (T. T. Yoshizumi)
  • Medical Center Personnel Monitoring: Operational Considerations (W. B. Bass, Jr., G. T. Barnes)
  • Radiation Safety Considerations for 125I Seed Prostate Therapy Patients (D. J. Macey, P. N. Pareek, I. A. Brezovich)
  • Review of Radiation Safety Program Development at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System (T. T. Yoshizumi)
  • Room Preparation and Clearance for Hospitalized Patients Undergoing Radioiodine Therapy (B. J. Drewelow, A. P. Christopher, P. A. Mantha, D. N. Aquino, H. J. Richter, J. J. Willoughby, C. A. Pickering)

Operational Radiation Safety: Part 1

  • An X-Ray Safety Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (K. L. Barat, T. M. deCastro)
  • Revitalizing Your ALARA Program for Top Decile Performance (D. C. Miller)
  • Risk Communication: An Important Function of Radiation Safety Training Programs (R. H. Johnson, Jr. )
  • Use of the Intranet to Improve Customer Service for a Campus Radiation Safety Program (K. L. Classic, J. L. Miller, J. A. N. Stauffer, R. J. Vetter)

Operational Radiation Safety: Part 2

  • ALARA Center of Technology Promotes Good Radiological Work Practices at Hanford (L. O. Waggoner)
  • Monitoring the Startup of an Accelerator Facility (V. Vylet, T. Lavine, J. Allan, W. Baumgartner)
  • Radiological Control Optimization at Fernald (M. C. Tester, P. A. Darnell, V. Taylor, R. D. Cardarelli)

Personnel Monitoring

  • Assessment of a Presumptive Internal Overexposure to Uranium (D. E. Bernhardt)
  • Beyond Score-Keeping for the Regulator: Reasons to Perform Personnel Monitoring (D. J. Strom)
  • Evaluation of Exposure From a Low-Energy X-Ray Device Using Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (W. S. Harris, Jr., D. L. Edwards)
  • Managing Routine Bioassay Requirements (B. L. Baumann )
  • Skin Dose Equivalent Measurement from Neutron-Deficient Isotopes (H. H. Hsu, S. A. Costigan, L. L. Romero, J. J. Whicker)

Poster Session 1

  • A Cost-Saving Method in Radioactive Waste (R. K. Bhat, L. V. Bender, H. T. Mikulski)
  • Contamination Control Aspects of Attaching Waste Drums to the WIPP Waste Characterization Chamber (L. M. Rubick, L. L. Burke)
  • Implementation of a Radiological Safety Coach Program (K. K. Konzen, J. M. Langsted)
  • Noise Control of Radiological Monitoring Equipment (R. D. Rubick, W. W. Stevens, L. L. Burke)
  • Sanitation Waste Stream Monitoring at Duke University Medical Center (G. D. Egan, G. C. Cseko)

Poster Session 2

  • A Radiological Preplanning/Prerelease Program (R. E. Bryant, P. E. Farnsworth)
  • Application of NUREG 1400 Methodology to a Hospital Health Physics Program (B. M. Methe, J. D. Dutcher, D. J. Urquhart, R. M. Ryan)
  • Beta Reduction Factors for Protective Clothing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (G. L. Franklin, P. L. Gonzalez)
  • Efficient Handling of High-Level Radioactive Cell Waste in a Vitrification Facility Analytical Laboratory (D. W. Roberts, K. J. Collins)
  • Evaluation of Shielding Removal at a 1.5-GeV Synchrotron Radiation Facility (M. L. Marceau-Day, R. Raharjo, L. M. Scott)

Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation

  • A 3 x 3 Sodium Iodide Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Monitoring Nuclear Power Plant Emissions (R. L. Grasty, J. R. Larnarre)
  • Optimizing the Radiation Monitoring of Recycled Metallics (J. G. Yusko, J. O. Lubenau)

Reactor Health Physics

  • Attempting Good Practice: The Timely Response to the Revisionist TMI Radioepidemiology (C. A. Willis)
  • Health Physics Aspects of Processing EBR-I Coolant (L. L. Burke, J. O. ThaIgott, J. W. Poston, Jr.)
  • Health Physics Self-Assessment at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) (R. S. Schofield)
  • Research Reactor Defueling and Fuel Shipment (R. D. lce, E. Jawdeh, J. Strydom)
  • Shutdown Chemistry' Control: An ALARA and Radiochemical Perspective (S. W. Chick, R. S. Schofield, J. A. Muniga)

Regulatory Issues

  • A Reevaluation of the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP - 40 CFR 61, Subpart H) Program at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (T. A. Culp, J. M. Hylko)
  • Analyzing Regulatory Activity Outcomes in Texas: Notices of Violation, Incidents, and Complaints Recorded in 1995 (J. Pollock, R. J. Emery)
  • Implementation of a Radiation Protection Program at a Department of Energy Environmental Remediation Site (K. N. Fleming)
  • The Wolf Creek Mine Incident: Human Error Prevails Over Regulation (J. L. McNees)
  • Where Did All the NORM Come From? (M. B. Hebert, F. L. Lyon)

30th Midyear Meeting: "Health Physics of Radiation-Generating Machines"

Accelerators and New Projects

  • Examination of the CLIC Drive Beam Pipe Design for Thermal Distortion Caused by Distributed Beam Loss (C. D. Johnson, P. K. Kloeppel)
  • Radiation Calculations and Shielding Considerations for the Design of the Next Linear Collider (W. R. Nelson, S. H. Rokni, V. Vylet)
  • Radiation Protection Considerations in the Design of the LHC, CERN's Large Hadron ColIider (M. Hoefert, M, Huhtinen, L. E. Moritz, H. Nakashima, K. M. Potter, S. Rollet, G. R. Stevenson, J. M. Zazula)
  • Radiological Aspects of the B-Factory at SLAC (J. C. Liu, W. R. Nelson, X. S. Mao)
  • The Development of Accelerator Radiological Protection: A Human Perspective (R. H. Thomas )

Calibration Facilities

  • A Study of Neutron Room Scattering at RPCF (A. Kemp, D. Boehnlein, A. Elwyn, K. Vaziri)
  • Accelerator Safety Requirements, N&S, and Performance-Based Contracts at TJNAF (J .R. Boyce, R. May, J. Conley)
  • Capabilities of the WNR High-Energy Neutron Beam at LANSCE for High-Energy Neutron Health Physics Research (S. A. Wender, L. S. Walker, J. L. Ullmann)
  • Contribution of Backscattering to Radiation Fields in the Source Projector Facility (E. T. Marshal, K. Vaziri, F. P. Krueger, J. D. Cossairt)
  • Monoenergetic Neutron Calibration Fields Between 8 keV and 210 MeV at Four Accelerator Facilities in Japan (T. Nakamura, M. Takada, N. Nakao, M. Baba, T. Iwasaki, H. Nakashima, Sh, Tanaka, S. Meigo, Y. Sakamoto, Y. Nakane, Su. Tanaka, N. Nakanishi)
  • Realistic Neutron Calibration Facilities (RNCF) and Current Needs in Individual Neutron Monitoring (J. L. Chartier, J. C. McDonald, J. Kurkdijian, D. Paul, G. Pelcot, H. Muller)
  • The Use of Accelerator Radiation Stray Fields for the Calibration of Passive Dosimeters (M. Hoefert, D. T. Bartlett, J. C. McDonald)

Instrumentation and Dosimetry

  • Determining the Secondary Electron Equilibrium Using an Extrapolation Chamber (E. T. Marshall, K. Vaziri, F. P. Krueger, J. D. Cossairt)
  • Experiment Proposal for the Determination of Neutron Spectra from Targeted Electron Beams (P. Degtyarenko, G. Stapleton)
  • High-Energy Electron and Photon Radiation Protection Dosimetry (A. Ferrari, M. Pelliccioni, M. Pillon)
  • Initial Measurements of Site Boundary Neutron Dose and Comparison with Calculations (P. Degtyarenko, D. Dotson, R. May, S. Schwahn, G. Stapleton)
  • Instrumentation and Dosimetry at Accelerator Facilities (T. Nakamura, T, Kurosawa, E, Kim, Y. Uwamino, M. Imamura, N, Nakao, T. Shibata, T Yamano)
  • Measurement of Heavy Ion Tracks Using an Imaging Plate (A. Yamadera, S. Taniguti, T. Miyata, T. Nakamura, A. Fukumura)
  • Measurements of Non-Equilibrium Neutron Spectra at SSRL (V. Vylet, J. C, Liu, S. H. Rokni)
  • Neutron-charged Particle Reactions in CR-39 Calculated Using MCNP and LAHET (H. H. Hsu, R. T. Devine)
  • Response of a Health Physics Instrument Model 2080 Albatross to a High-Energy Neutron Field (L. S. Walker, C. Pilli, M. A. Durran, V. R. Harris, R. T. Devine, R. L. Mundis, A. J. Miller, K. Moreley, P. Staples, S. Simmonds)
  • The LBNL Environmental and Workplace Radiation Telemetry System (T. M. de Castro, R. M. Morelli)
  • Trouble Shooting, Modification, and Calibration of a Bismuth Fission Chamber Used in Conjunction with Bonner Spheres to Measure High-Energy Neutron Flux (L. S. Walker, M. A. Duran, V. R. Harris, R. L. Mundis, A. J. Miller, S. M. Simmonds, W. H. Casson, F. Bateman, K. Morely)
  • Use of Microdosimetric Techniques in Radiation Protection Measurements (J. Chen, H. H. Hsu, W. H. Casson, D. G. Vasilik)
  • Use of Simple Routine X-Ray Measurements in the Performance Analysis of Cryogenic RF Accelerator Cavities (D. Dotson, M. Drury, R. May, C. Reece)

Material Activation

  • A Study of the Structural Activation Caused by Proton Beam Loss in the "Accelerator Production of Tritium" LINAC (L. L. Daemen, C. A. Beard, S. L. Eaton, L. S. Waters, W. B. Wilson)
  • Calculation of Airborne Radioactivity Hazard From Machining Volume-Activated Materials (E. T. Marshall, S. 0. Schwahn)
  • Depth Distribution of Radioactivity in a 2.5-GeV Electron Beam Stop (T. Sato, K. Shin, S. Ban, Y. Namito, H. Nakamura, H. Hirayama)
  • Enrichment of Radionuclides in Welding Fumes During Thermal Cutting of Activated Metals in High-Energy Accelerators (Y. Oki, M. Numajiri, Y. Kanda, T. Suzuki, T. Miura, K. Kondo)
  • Fast Neutron Activation and Ultimate Decommissioning of a Cyclotron Vault: 1981-1996 (J. Cehn, L. Carroll)
  • Off-Site Doses Due to Radioactive Emissions to the Atmosphere from CERN (M. Hoefert, M. Huhtinen, L. E. Moritz, S. Rollet, G. R. Stevenson, J. M. Zazula)

Medical and X-Ray Machines

  • Analysis of Cerrobend Activation Produced by a 250-MeV Medical Proton Accelerator (I. Rouse, M. Martz, C. Glisson, J. Siebers, T. Elmer, II)
  • Clinical Assessment of Organ Dose from Special Procedures Using the Monte Carlo Code MCNP (R. L. Metzger )
  • Dose Estimates In Interventional Procedures (M. E. Pohlman, M. Zankl)
  • Dose Levels in the Maze of Medical Accelerator Rooms (P. H. McGinley, J. L. James)
  • Neutron Field Characterization in the Vicinity of a PET Cyclotron (N. E. Hertel, H. R. Vega-Carrillo, B. W. Wehring, A. J. Teachout, P. Jerabek)
  • Non-Technical Aspects of Shielding for Medical Accelerators (R. C. McCall)
  • Patient Skin Doses Associated with Four Cardiac Catheterization Procedures (W. J. Potvin, D. L. Hykes, M, J. Dennis, R. A. Yeasting, M. W. Burket)
  • Practical Approaches to Dosimetry for the Patient and Staff for Fluoroscopic Procedures (M. Rosenstein)
  • Protection Barrier Surveys when Radiation is a Diagnostic X-Ray Workload Spectrum (K. Woo, L. B. Hubbard)
  • Radiation Protection Status Around Diagnostic Machines in the Malaysian Science University Hospital (J. A. Satti )
  • Radioactive Gas Monitoring Program in the Clinical and Research Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Center (T. T. Yoshizumi)
  • Surface Dose Comparison for Spiral Scanning Using Three Fourth-Generation CT Scanners (S. H. King )
  • Unique Radiation Safety Aspects of a Robotic LINAC for Stereotactic Radiosurgery (S. G. Chenery )

Operational Issues

  • A Summary of Contamination Control Practices at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (R. May, S. Schwahn, K. Welch)
  • Associated Radiological and Non-Radiological Hazards From Accelerator Operations (C. B. Ficklen)
  • Licensing and Inspection of Radiation-Generating Machines: The Italian Regulatory System (F. Dobici, A. Susanna)
  • Maximal Credible Accident "Simulation Studies at the Storage Ring of an Advanced Photon Source (V. R. Veluri, G. Decker, A. L. Justus, P. K. Job, H. J. Moe, J. H. Vacca)
  • Neutrino Radiation Hazards: A Paper Tiger (J. D. Cossairt, N. L. Grossman, E. T. Marshall)
  • Operational Health Physics (OHP) Radiation Protection Services Factor at SLAC for Calendar Years 1991-1995 (M. P. Grissom, R. C. Sit, J. R. Flood)
  • Radiation Risk Management at DOE Accelerators (O. van Dyck)
  • Radiation Safety Considerations for the Parasitic Final Focus Test Beam at SLAC (S. H. Rokni, R. H. Iverson, L. P. Keller)
  • Radiation Safety Program of UC Berkeley Radiation-Producing Machines (R. Radev, R. Warren)
  • Radiological Aspects of UC Berkeley Rotating Target Neutron Source (R. Radev, J. Gambrell)
  • Technical, Logistical, and Administrative Aspects of Decommissioning and Shipping Overseas a Used Cyclotron (L. Carroll, F. Ramsey)


  • William P. Swanson Memorial Lecture (R. H. Thomas)

Safety Systems

  • Health Physics Program for Large Industrial Accelerators (J. E. Clayton, W. C. Johnson, D. A. Vroom)
  • LANSCE Beam Current Limiter (XL) (F. R. Gallegos, M. J. Hall)
  • LANSCE Personnel Access Control System (J. C. Sturrock, F. R. Gallegos, M. J. Hall)
  • LANSCE Radiation Security System (RSSS) (F. R. Gallegos)
  • Linear Accelerator Safety System: An Iowa State University Perspective (S. A. Simpson, K. C. Kerns, E. E. Sobottka, D. G. Olson)
  • Unique Solutions to Soft-X-Ray Exposure Problems (M. L. Marceau-Day, L. H. Oliszewski)
  • Use of Fusible Beam Plugs for Accident Mitigation at the LANSCE Complex (K. W. Jones, W. Boedeker, A. Browman)
  • Use of the HPI Model 2080 Pulsed Neutron Detector at the LANSCE Complex: Vulnerabilities and Counting Statistics (K. W. Jones, A. Browman)
  • Worker Responsibility is Necessary for a Fail-Safe Interlock System (W. L. Kiser)


  • A Photon Shield Capsule Design for an 241Am/Be (alpha, n) Source Using High-Density Tungsten Alloy (R. S. Clement, H. H. Hsu, R. H. Olsher, D. J. Aikin)
  • A Practical and Cost-Effective Solution to the Need for Shielding Penetrations Against Photon and Neutrons from Normal and Incident Losses (S. O. Schwahn)
  • An 800-MeV Proton Beam Spill Calculation (H. H. Hsu, M. A. Duran, L. S. Walker)
  • Automating the Calculation of X-Ray Machine Shielding (C. R. Croft, B. D. Pickett)
  • Experimental Results of Neutron Fluence Outside an Iron Shield in the Forward Direction (M. M. C. Torres, A. J. Elwyn, D. Fein, E. James, K. Johns, W. Davis, D. P. Ciampa, E. Mierkiewicz)
  • Induced Radioactivity Around a Gantry Room for Hadron Therapy (P. Tabarelli de Fatis )
  • Parameterizations for Shielding Electron Accelerators Based on the Results of Monte Carlo Studies (P. Degtyarenko, G. Stapleton)
  • Shielding Studies for a New Synchrotron Radiation Beam Line at SSRL (A. Fasso, V. Vylet)
  • Transmission Through Shields of Quasi-Monoenergetic Neutrons Generated by 43- and 68-MeV Protons (N. Nakao, H. Nakashima, Y. Sakamoto, Y. Nakane, Sh. Tanaka, M. Nakao, T. Nakamura, Su. Tanaka, K. Shin, M. Baba)

29th Midyear Meeting: "NORM/NARM: Regulation and Risk Assessment"

Dose, Risk, and Radiological Protection

  • Assessing Tritium Decontamination Requirements in a Watch Dial Plant, in Presence of Natural Background (A. Brodsky )
  • Assessment of Dose From External Exposure at NORM-Impacted Sites (A. J. Ansari, J. R. Frazier, H. M. Prichard)
  • Atmospheric Cosmic Rays and Solar Energetic Particles at Aircraft Altitudes (K. O'Brien, W. Friedberg, H. H. Sauer, D. F. Smart)
  • Dose Reconstruction at a NORM Site (S. J. Waligora, Jr.)
  • Lessons Learned During NORM Surveys (M. R. Landis, J. R. Frazier, J. D. Berger)
  • Methods, Approaches, and Uncertainties in Assessing NORM Exposures (R. F. Haaker )
  • Naturally Occurring Radionuclide Control Policy at Brookhaven National Laboratory (R. Reciniello, K. Mclntyre, P. Sullivan)
  • NORM and the Minimum Significant Risk (F. A. Seiler, J. L. Alvarez, S. R. Adams)
  • Occupational Radiation Protection in the Clinical and Research Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Center (T. T. Yoshizumi )

Measurements and Analyses

  • Computer Tools for Activation Analysis: QVALUE (F. Ghanbari, D. V. Rao)
  • Control of Radium Dials and Other Items Containing NORM in the U.S. Army (E. E. Blevins, G. R. Wenz, R. A. Aaserude, F. L. Dunfrund)
  • Graded Decision Guidelines for Individuals Exposed to Natural Radiation From Slag (T. F. Gesell )
  • Meaningful Analysis and Reporting of NORM Sampling Results (R.J. Buchanan)
  • Problems and Possible Remedies Concerning NORM in By-Product Gypsum Produced by the Phosphate Industry (W .C. Burnett, C. D. Hull)
  • Response of Electret Radon Detectors to Interference From Ambient Gamma Radiation (S. Usman, H. Spitz, L. Shoaib, J. O'Hare, S. Lee)
  • The Radiological Impact of the Application of Phosphogypsum to Forage Land (C. E. Roessler, J. E. Rechcigl, I. S. Alcordo)

Oil and Gas

  • An Overview of NORM Data Collected in Pennsylvania Specific to Oil and Gas Production (C. L. Rittiger, J. G. Yusko)
  • Assessments of NORM in Pipe From Oil and Gas Production (D. E. Bernhardt, D. H. Owen, V. C. Rogers)
  • Measurement of 222Rn Flux, 222Rn Emanation, and 226Ra Concentration From Injection Well Pipe Scale (A. S. Rood, D. T. Kendrick)
  • Studies of the Solubility of Naturally-Occurring Radionuclides in Petroleum Pipe Scale (O. G. Raabe)

Regulatory Issues

  • Making Source Material From NORM: No License Required? (S. Dennerlein, T. Bracke)
  • Management and Regulation of NORM in Texas (R. E. McBurney )
  • NARM Classifications: Their Ethical and Regulatory Implications (F. L. Galpin, V. C. Rogers)
  • Problems With and Potential Solutions for Licensing NARM Radiopharmaceuticals (R. W. Brown)
  • Radon: Over- or Under-Regulated? (N. H. Harley)
  • The Insurance Industry's Proactive Response for Total Radioactive Liability Avoidance (P. MacDowell)
  • The Odyssey of the Good Ship NORM: The Search for a Regulatory Safe Harbor (F. X. Cameron)

Uranium, Radium, and Radon

  • 222Rn Detection Efficiency and Sensitivity for a Ludlum Modified Radon Flask Detector (V. V. Pomerantsev)
  • 238U Decay-Series Nuclides in Fluids Within a Florida Phosphogypsum Storage Stack (C. D. Hull, W. C. Burnett)
  • Cost Savings Associated with Landfilling Wastes Containing Very Low Levels of Uranium (C. J. Boggs, W. T. Shaddoan)
  • Naturally Occurring Uranium in Surface- and Bottom-Feeding Fish Upstream and Downstream of Los Alamos National Laboratory (P. R. Fresquez, D. R. Armstrong)
  • Operating Limit Evaluation for Disposal of Uranium Enrichment Plant Wastes (D. W. Lee, D. C. Kocher, J. C. Wang)
  • Radium Usage and Cleanup: Past and Present (F. J. Bradley)
  • Radon Health Risks and the HPS Position (R. H. Johnson, Jr.)
  • The California Floods, 300 mg of Radium, and 20 Priceless Stamp Albums (T. L. Edgerton)
  • Why Some Scientists and the Public Do Not Believe in Radon Risks (R. H. Johnson, Jr.)

28th Midyear Meeting: "Health Physics Training and Education"

Academic Programs

  • A Brief History of Federal Support for Health Physics Education and Training
  • Continuing Higher Education Options for the Professional Health Physics Practitioner
  • Educating the Health Physics Technician: The Evolution of a Radiation Protection Associate Degree Program
  • Educational Partnership: Thomas Edison State College and the National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists
  • Graduate Studies in Health Physics at UNLV
  • Health Physics Academic Programs: A Current Snapshot
  • Health Physics Education for Industrial Hygienists
  • Health Protection Engineering: A Merging of Health Physics, lndustrial Hygiene, and Safety Engineering at Texas A&M University
  • The Bloomsburg University Health Physics B.S. Degree Program
  • The Key to a Successful Educational Program: Building Bridges between Education and Industry
  • Thirty-Five Years of Experience in Health Physics Education at Purdue University And Plans for the Future
  • Undergraduate Studies in Health Physics at UNLV
  • University/Industry Partnerships in Health Physics Education

Ancillary Staff Training

  • Beyond Radiation Worker Training: Additional Training Requirements
  • Brachytherapy Nurses: Do Yours Know What To Do?
  • Computer Based System for Training Radiation Researchers
  • Ionizing and Nonionizing Radiation Training at White Sands Missile Range
  • On the Front Line - Radiation Safety Training for Security Personnel
  • Radiation Safety Training at DOE Accelerator Facilities
  • Radiation Safety Training for Ancillary Staff at NIH
  • Radiation Safety Training for Laboratory Workers at NIH
  • Training and Qualification of Health & Safety Technicians at a National Laboratory
  • Training for the Safe Use of Lasers

Continuing Education

  • A Historical Review of the NRRPT
  • Conflicting Paradigms in Radiation Protection: 20 Questions with Answers from the Regulator, the Health Physicist, the Scientist, and the Lawyers
  • The Training and Development of U. S. Army Health Physicists
  • Training: Beyond the Blackboard

Emergency Personnel

  • In-Plant Response Team Training
  • Off-Site Emergency Responder Training Programs
  • Radiation Response Training for Fire, EMT, Haz-Mat and Law Enforcement Groups
  • Spotting Role Illiteracy in Radiological Emergency Response Teams
  • The Boeing Radiation Hazard Communication System
  • Training of Emergency Personnel for Radiation Monitoring Teams

Program Development

  • Experiences in the Development of a Computer Based Training System
  • New NRC Training Initiatives in Fuel Cycle Technology
  • U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Technical Training Center

Public Education

  • Attempting to Educate the Public: The Yankee Rowe- Tritium Case
  • Communicating Radiation Concepts Through Five Years of Radon Training
  • Communicating Radiation Risks: Lessons Learned from the Human Radiation Experiments
  • Educating the Public: Experiences of the New Jersey Chapter Health Physics Society Speakers Bureau
  • NEST-A Nuclear Energy Seminar for Teachers
  • Risk Communication During Siting of Cellular Radio Installations
  • Working with an Anti-Nuclear Group to Monitor Around TMI

Radiation Worker Training

  • ALARA Training for Department of Energy Facilities: Engineers, Planners, Etc
  • Contamination Control Training for Biomedical Facilities
  • General Radiological Safety Training for Plutonium Facilities
  • How to Educate and Train Non-Professionals in the Proper Use of Monitoring Instruments
  • Implementation of 10 CFR 835 Training Requirements at Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Projects
  • Instructor Qualification for Radiation Safety Training at a National Laboratory
  • Medical X-ray Survey Techniques Course
  • NRRPT Promotes the Education and Training of Radiation Protection Personnel
  • Radiation Worker Training at the University of Cincinnati
  • Training That Can Reduce Gamma Range Calibration Errors
  • U. S. Army Health Physics Specialist Training
  • U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Site Access Training Program
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