Celebrating Women in Radiation Protection

Image courtesy of OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

The Health Physics Society (HPS) encourages the observance and celebration of the crucial role of women in radiation protection. The HPS Public Information Committee (PIC) is collecting names, biographies, and photos of notable women in the field so we can share them with you in this section of the website.

We begin this new website feature by thanking, honoring, and celebrating some remarkable women who are actively involved in the HPS, volunteering their expertise and time to serve our Society the best way they can—on the Board, as elected officers, and on the various HPS committees that make the Society function.

We invite you to learn more about some impressive women! If you see them, remember to thank them for their past and current efforts and contributions to the HPS and our field of radiation protection.

The PIC will continue to compile biographies and photos of both early-career and well-established women active in the HPS to preserve our history in the Society. If you know of a noteworthy woman actively involved in our Society who is not featured on these pages, please let us know.

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