Topic editors for the HPS Ask the Experts (ATE) feature. Left to right: Paul Charp, Steve King, Howard Dickson, Marcia Hartman, Ninni Jacob, Rich Brey, Kelly Classic, Ray Johnson, ATE Editor Gen Roessler, Fred Baes, Kent Lambert, Linnea Wahl, John Hageman, and George Chabot. Some topic editors are not shown. The complete list of editors is listed on our Meet the "Ask the Experts" Editors page.

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Do you have a question about radiation safety? Our 22 Ask the Experts (ATE) topic editors and more than 300 experts can help. If you are a member of the public or the media, a health physicist, or a scientist in a related field, you can either find the answer to your question or you can submit your question.

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Almost 13,000 questions have been submitted and personally answered by our experts. Many of these questions and answers are posted along with FAQs and information sheets under 28 different radiation safety categories.

Radiation is beneficial for medical diagnosis and therapy, scientific research, and generating electrical power. However, when used in unsafe ways, radiation can harm people. Care must be taken to properly use radiation and to minimize unnecessary radiation exposures.

Our radiation safety experts have the knowledge and experience to discuss with you the benefits and/or risks while answering your question.

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If you have a radiation safety question that we have not already addressed, please submit it to us through our questions page. We do not answer questions that are not in the field of radiation safety. We also cannot provide medical advice and we do not answer homework questions.

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We have an experienced editor in charge of each category (topic) in our field. When a question is submitted and it is appropriate for us to answer, this topic editor either answers the question or assigns it to an expert in that subject area. You always receive a personal email response to your question. If the topic editor decides your question is of general interest, it will be posted on our website (excluding your name). You can find out about our editors and see their photos on our Meet the "Ask the Experts" Editors page.

Notes of Appreciation

We receive many emails from both members of the public and health physics professionals telling us how much they appreciate our time and expertise. Selected notes are presented on this page.

Additional Resources

We invite you to explore another website that we sponsor that is dedicated to public education. This site ( presents scientific and objective information about radiation in an easy-to-read format.