2024–2025 Health Physics Society Fellowships

The Health Physics Society (HPS) announces the availability of the following fellowships to support full-time entering or continuing students enrolled in bona fide US graduate programs in health physics or a closely related field:

  • The Burton J. Moyer Memorial Fellowship was established by the Northern California Chapter of the HPS to memorialize the late Burton J. Moyer and to encourage his ideals in the study of the safe use of radiation for the benefit of all people. The award consists of a stipend of $11,000.
  • The Robert S. Landauer, Sr., Memorial Fellowship; Robert Gardner Memorial Fellowship; Richard J. Burk, Jr., Fellowship; and J. Newell Stannard Fellowship each consist of a $5,000 stipend.
  • Two additional HPS Fellowships are also presented each year, consisting of a stipend of $5,000 each.

All HPS and named fellowships are accompanied by an $800 travel grant to be used to attend the HPS annual meeting in the year awarded. All fellowship recipients are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony during the annual meeting. Award winners will be notified on or about 7 May 2024. Previous HPS fellowship holders are ineligible. Foreign nationals are welcome to apply unless noted otherwise.

Required Materials

Submit the HPS Fellowships and Scholarships application form. After you submit the form, you should receive a confirmation by email that the fellowship application has been received by the HPS. If you do not immediately receive this confirmation email, check your spam folder.

Please email a single PDF packet of all your information to HPSApplication@Burkinc.com, or submit a hard copy to the Secretariat at the address below. The emailed version is preferred over a hard copy. The packet (emailed or hard copy) should contain the following items and be in the order listed.

Please do NOT submit anything beyond what is asked for here:

  1. Copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts (nonofficial transcript is fine).
  2. A one-page statement about your personal career goals, including a statement about your intent to enter the field of health physics.
  3. Your CV, with a maximum of three pages.
  4. A summary of your health physics curriculum outlining the proposed course of study, a description of the courses to be taken, and the proposed timeline for graduate study. The plan of study must include your advisor's contact information. Applicants for entering graduate students need not have been formally accepted by the program at the time this letter is written.
  5. Two signed and sealed letters of recommendation from people attesting to your potential for study in health physics—emailed/mailed under separate cover.

Supporting material should be emailed/mailed with a postmark no later than 20 March 2024 to:

Jill Drupa
Health Physics Society
950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 450
Herndon, VA 20170
phone: 703-790-1745
fax: 703-790-2672

Click here to access the HPS Fellowships and Scholarships application form.