On the cover: Arrangement of small, 2 × 2 well, and 3 × 3 scintillators inside the Cave. The scintillators are offset from the walls to reduce characteristic lead x rays. See the paper by Travis Smith and colleagues on page 360 for further information.

Operational Radiation Safety

CONTENTS - Vol. 114, No. 3, March 2018

Operational Topics

A Pilot Examination of the Methods Used to Counteract Insider Threat Security Risks Associated With the Use of Radioactive Materials in the Research and Clinical Setting
B.G. Tsenov, R.J. Emery, L.W. Whitehead, J. Reingle Gonzalez, and G.L. Gemeinhardt

Temporal Fluctuations in Indoor Background Gamma Radiation Using NaI(Tl)
Travis Smith, Sana Cao, and Kimberlee J. Kearfott

A Case Study of the NCRP 156 Wound Model of Embedded DU Using Data From Urine Uranium Concentrations of Wounded Veterans
Michael T. Walkingstick, Eric S. Krage, and Richard R. Brey

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