2022 Health Physics Society Travel Grant

The Health Physics Society (HPS) announces the availability of travel grants and travel/worker grants for health physics students planning to attend the next annual meeting of the HPS. To be eligible for this award, a student must be a current member of the HPS, must be an undergraduate or graduate student in health physics or a closely related field with an area of concentration in health physics, must have a strong health physics career interest, and must be willing to work at the HPS meeting.

The award will consist of:

  • Free meeting registration.
  • Complimentary hotel room (based on shared accommodations).
  • Funds to assist in travel to the annual meeting.

Working at the meeting involves five half-day sessions during which the student assists in meeting rooms, in the ready room, at registration, with setup, etc. Students who receive the travel grants will have the following responsibilities: (1) students must attend the awards ceremony during the annual meeting, (2) students must attend the 4:00 p.m. student orientation meeting on the Saturday prior to the meeting, and (3) students must complete all work assignments.

Failure to satisfy the above-mentioned requirements for any reason will result in forfeiture of the travel grant. The granting of an award and the actual amount of travel funds will depend on the number of applicants and will be for students presenting a paper AND willing to work. If additional grant funding remains, students willing to work and not present will receive next priority.

Medical Health Physics Section Grant Sponsorship. Students with an area of concentration in medical physics or medical health physics may apply using this same process and receive up to $1,000 sponsored by the Medical Health Physics Section. Preference will be given to students who submit an abstract for a poster and/or an oral presentation in medical health physics. Be sure to note that you are studying with a medical concentration when filling out your application.

Required Materials

Fill out and submit the HPS online travel grant application form. After you submit the form, you should receive a confirmation by email that the travel grant application has been received by the HPS. If you do not immediately receive this confirmation email, check your spam folder.

Your program director also will receive an email notification that he/she must certify that you are presently enrolled in a health physics program (or closely related program) and that you plan to attend the HPS annual meeting.

Travel grant application submittal and all supporting materials (e.g., a certification from your program director) must be submitted no later than 1 March 2022. Award winners will be notified by 3 May 2022.

NOTE: You are eligible to receive Student Travel Grant funding only TWO times. Once you have received travel grant funding TWO times, you may not receive it in future years. Also, if you are a current recipient of an HPS fellowship or scholarship, so that you would receive travel funds to attend the next annual meeting, you are not eligible to receive Student Travel Grant funding within the same time period.

Students who are given this award play a vital role in the overall management of the annual meeting. Consequently, students who for any reason cannot attend the annual meeting must notify Jill Drupa (HPSApplication@burkinc.com) at the HPS Secretariat as soon as possible either before or after an award notice is received.

The HPS appreciates the student travel grant awardees. Attending the meeting with a grant is a privilege. Students are expected to engage in responsible behavior and respect the privilege of attending the annual meeting. We expect all attendees to conduct themselves accordingly, with the high standards of the HPS in mind.

Travel Origination

The travel stipend will be calculated based on distance between the academic institution and the HPS meeting.

Students must be current 2022 HPS members to apply for the travel grant.

Click here to access the travel grant application formaccess controlled

Disclaimer The HPS appreciates your attendance and support for the annual meetings. We consider this a commitment when you agree to attend. The HPS expects appropriate, professional behavior from all our student grant attendees and has the right to cancel or modify the monetary and housing commitment if inappropriate behavior occurs. Decisions of these modifications will be by the Secretariat, the Academic Education chair, and the student's advisor.