Mentorship Committee

Our Purpose: The Mentorship Committee manages an HPS mentoring program to foster growth in the profession by providing opportunities for HPS members to share experiences and resources with one another.


The Committee’s objectives are to:

  • Cultivate, develop interest in, and increase the knowledge base in specific areas of health physics,
  • Provide members with hands-on opportunities in their primary area of interest,
  • Develop professional relationships among members, and
  • Expose members to the benefits of professional networking.

The responsibilities of the Committee are established in the HPS Rules, and are detailed further below:

  • Providing opportunities for HPS members to share experience and resources with one another,
  • Matching mentors and mentees including initial review of provided information, maintaining, and updating a platform for users to facilitate communication between mentors and mentees, 
  • Planning, organizing, scheduling, and overseeing mentorship events,
  • Implementing improvements to existing programs, and
  • Coordinating interaction between other HPS Sections, Committees, and/or Chapters with respect to HPS mentoring initiatives.

Current Members

Director: Derek Jokisch, '26
Chair: Jess Joyce, '26
Charles Wilson - Committee Member, '24
Steve King - Committee Member, '25
Bob Emery - Committee Member, '25
Brian Serencsits - Committee Member, '25
Adela Salame-Alfie - Advisor, '23
Andy Halloran - Member, '25
Jillian Newmyer - Advisor, '23
Dawn Montgomery - Member, '24