Code of Ethics for the Members of the Health Physics Society

These principles are intended to aid members of the Health Physics Society, individually and collectively, in maintaining a professional level of ethical conduct. They are intended as guidelines by which members may determine the propriety of their conduct in relationships with employers, coworkers, clients, governmental agencies, members of other professions, and the public.

  • Members of the Society shall give support to the objectives of the Health Physics Society.
  • Members shall strive to improve their professional knowledge and skill.
  • Each member shall be a judge of his or her competence and will not undertake any assignment beyond his or her abilities.
  • All relations with members, employers, coworkers, clients, governmental agencies, and the general public shall be based upon and shall reflect the highest standard of integrity and fairness.
  • Members shall never compromise public welfare and safety in favor of an employer's interest.
  • No employment or consultation shall be undertaken which is contrary to law or the public welfare.
  • Members will gladly accept every opportunity to increase public understanding of radiation protection and the objectives of the Society.
  • Professional statements made by members shall have sound scientific basis. Sensational and unwarranted statements of others concerning radiation and radiation protection shall be corrected, when practical.
  • Members shall protect the sources of confidential communications, provided that such protection is not itself unethical or illegal.

HPS Code of Ethics (members only)

HPS Respectful Behavior Policy