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  HPS FAQ   Microwave Oven Q & A
  HPS FAQ   Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation: Satellite Dish, Radar, Power Line, and Miscellaneous

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  •  Microwaves and Radiofrequency
  •  Satellite Dishes
  •  Miscellaneous
Microwaves and Radiofrequency
Q4037   –   X rays from high-voltage tubes
Q7030   –   Microwaving tea bags with staples in them
Q8044   –   Cat sleeps on top of microwave
Q8635   –   Microwave emissions from radar sites
Q10050   –   Government radar site
Q10733   –   Accidental RF exposure
Q10946   –   Vines dying near gas meter (smart meter)
Q10951   –   Marine radio
Q10952   –   Dirty electricity
Q10996   –   Traffic speed minders
Q11043   –   Police communications tower
Q11053   –   Laptop RF fields
Q11269   –   Wearable computers
Q11359   –   Radiofrequency Interference with AFCI Breakers
Q11558   –   Work in high RF fields
Q11719   –   Can military radar cause cancer?
Q11814   –   RF safety for self-driving vehicles
Q11901   –   Accidental RF exposure
Q11975   –   Household RF environment
Q12085   –   Smart meter radiofrequency exposure in homes
Q12166   –   Exposure to radiofrequency fields
Q12595   –   Can an angiosarcoma be caused by radiofrequency radiation?
Q12896   –   Health effects of 5G wireless telecommunications networks
Satellite Dishes
Q3392   –   Satellite dishes
Q7243   –   Neighbor's satellite dish
Q7307   –   Too close to children
Q8628   –   Satellite dish for TV, Internet, long-distance phone
Q10762   –   Radiofrequency signal from satellite dish
Q11158   –   Satellite dishes on apartment building
Q11743   –   Incidental exposure to dish antenna
Q11955   –   SATCOM Station RF Safety
Q12828   –   Radar exposure to air traffic controller
Q8480   –   Transformer
Q12127   –   Can electric cars cause health effects?
Q12909   –   Radio frequency and breast cancer

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