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When microwaving tea bags with staples in them, I understand that as long as the staple is submerged in water, there is no fire hazard. However, I'm wondering if microwaving the staple causes any toxic or harmful chemicals to be released, like I know is true for some plastics. Obviously, I'd like to avoid poisoning myself.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that exposing staples to microwaves will cause any toxic or harmful chemicals to be released. Microwaves will be reflected by the metal, not absorbed.

Although there has been some research suggesting that some plastics, if heated, may release some very low levels of some chemicals, these amounts are not considered hazardous. Definitely use products that have been labeled for microwave use and for storing or heating foods. I recommend that you read a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) article on plastics and microwave ovens.

Orhan H. Suleiman, MS, PhD

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