National Student Science Award Recipients


Forrest Foxen
Sante Fe Catholic High
Lakeland, Florida
Topic: Phytoremediation on Mined Phosphate Lands

Kelly Foxen
Resurrection Catholic School
Lakeland, Florida
Topic: Radium Uptake in Mussels in Phosphate Pit Lakes Versus Natural Lakes

Philip Pierce
Brunswick High School
Corpus Christi, Texas
Topic: Radioactive Lantern Mantles


Lauren Cunningham
East Greenwich High School
Rhode Island
Topic: Sounds Like More Clean Water: The Effects of Ultrasound on Denitrifying Bacteria

Jamie Barnes
Henry E. Lackey High School
Waldorf, Maryland
Topic: What Effect Will Ionizing Radiation Have on the Offspring of Bean Seeds During Germination and Growth?


Philip Pierce
Henrietta High School
Henrietta, Texas
Topic: Civil Defense in the 21st Century

Haley Burgess and Shala Hawes
Central Lee High School
Donnellson, Iowa
Topic: What's Up With Your Water? Radon 222


Kate Fowler
Briar Woods High School
Ashburn, Virginia
Topic: The Relationship Between Radon Levels and Soil Type

Jeffrey Hibbert
Lone Star High School
Otis, Colorado
Topic: Qualitative Assay of Radionuclide Species in Ash From Coal Burning

Robert Saboda
St. Pascal Baylon Catholic Church
St. Paul, Minnesota
Topic: The Effects of Ultra-Violet Radiation on Painted Lady Butterflies


Amber Ferguson
Satellite High School
Satellite Beach, Florida 
Topic: Tiny Shields Yield Big Results

Wesley Williams
Health Careers High School
San Antonio, Texas
Topic: Interaction of Androgen Ablation and Radiation in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Cells


Victoria Barnes and Tabitha Clifford
Bremerton High School
Bremerton, Washington
Topic: Greening Nuclear Energy
Emily K. Beisert
Clear Lake High School
Clear Lake, Texas
Topic: Does Potassium Content Explain Granite's Radioactivity?

Gautam Kanumuru
Briar Woods High School
Ashburn, Virginia
Topic: The Effect of Changes in Ultraviolet Radiation on Population Shifts


William B. Morris
Ralston Valley High School
Arvada, Colorado
Topic: Sending a Mirion DMC 3000 Prototype Radiation Detector on EOSS Flight 174 to See How Altitude Affects Radiation Dosage