Chapter Volunteer Award

Do you have a member of your local chapter who has been the "glue" that holds the chapter together? Do you have someone who has routinely taken on additional tasks to help support the chapter? Do you have someone in your chapter who is always willing to give a talk at your meetings when others are unable or unwilling to do so? If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, these individuals can be honored with the Chapter Volunteer Award. Presented by a local chapter to individuals in that chapter, the Chapter Volunteer Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the accomplishments and long-term success of the chapter. A plaque is prepared by the Secretariat of the Society to be given to the honoree. Also, if scheduling permits, the HPS president-elect can be available to present the award.

If you select someone to receive a Chapter Volunteer Award, the HPS Awards Committee and Secretariat need to know the recipient of the award for the following reasons:

  • The Secretariat prepares the award.
  • If possible, the president-elect presents the award(s) during his/her visit to the chapter.
  • The Secretariat ensures Chapter Award recipients are listed in the HPS annual meeting Awards Banquet program.