April 2024 Short Course Listings


Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) School and Refresher Class

RSO Services, Inc. Contact: Robert Harrison, PO Box 575, Niceville, FL 32588; phone: 850-651-0777; fax: 866-254-3211; email: info@rsoservices.com; website: rsoservices.com/school

The Radiation Safety Officer course is updated throughout the year for the latest changes in all aspects of being an RSO as approved by the states and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. We specialize in industrial fixed gauges, x-ray sources, naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM), disposals, and more. We have a broad spectrum of customers from all industries: power, chemical, oil/gas, pulp and paper, mining, hospitals, government, radiography, etc. We offer no electives because everything is covered, and course emphasis is given based on the attending students' work field. Please check our website at http://www.rsoservices.com/calendar for the latest school dates and optional on-site training at your facility. Textbook, pad, pen, and other materials are included. RSO Services, Inc. can provide your plant with any radiation service needed: Wipe/Survey/Shutter tests, meter calibrations, source disposals and replacements, on-site audits, consulting, and more.

2024 DATES:

January–December 2024: Anytime, Anywhere, One-week on-site training at your facility or Online Webinar training specifically for your company (Call us for details)

6–10 May 2024: Fort Walton Beach, Florida (on the white sandy Florida beach)

19–23 August 2024: Fort Walton Beach, Florida (on the white sandy Florida beach)

23–27 September 2024: Fort Walton Beach, Florida (on the white sandy Florida beach)

11–15 November 2024: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (in the Smoky Mountains)

FEE: 40-hour RSO class is $1,850 and Refresher Class is $1,040


MARSSIM for Managers Online Training Course

ORAU's Professional Training Programs. Attn: Registrar, PO Box 117, MS-11, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-0117; phone: 865-576-3576; fax: 865-241-9152; email: registrar@orau.org. For additional course listings, please visit our website: www.orau.org/ptp.

This course provides an overview of MARSSIM terminology and methodology. Topics include an overview of radiological survey types, the data quality objectives process, DCGLs, area classification, statistical design of surveys, measurement uncertainty, and performing statistical tests. A list of the modules included in the course, along with instructions about the registration process, is available at https://www.orau.org/health-physics-training/online/marssim-for-managers.html. Enrollment in an online course will still include question-and-answer sessions with the PTP instructor-led team, similar to what you would experience in the classroom training. The American Academy of Health Physics grants 8 Continuing Education Credits for completion of this course. 

The tuition includes access to the course materials via the ORAU Learning Management System (LMS).

FEE: $399


Gamma Spectroscopy

ORAU's Professional Training Programs. Attn: Registrar, PO Box 117, MS-11, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-0117; phone: 865-576-3576; fax: 865-241-9152; email: registrar@orau.org. For additional course listings, please visit our website: www.orau.org/ptp.

This course is designed for individuals whose responsibilities involve the analysis of samples by gamma spectroscopy but who need more background knowledge of the topic. This five-day, laboratory-oriented course covers the basics of radionuclide identification and quantification by gamma spectroscopy. Approximately 50% of the time will be spent in the laboratory. The American Academy of Health Physics will grant 40 Continuing Education Credits for completion of this course. A schedule of the topics that will be presented for this course, along with instructions about the registration process, is available at https://www.orau.org/health-physics-training/classroom/gamma-spectroscopy.html.


3–7 June 2024

4–8 November 2024

FEE: $1,995 – The tuition includes the full cost of training and instructional materials in electronic form (PDF). Attendees should bring a laptop or tablet that is Wi-Fi enabled in order to download the instructional materials on the first day of the course. A printed copy of the instructional materials may be purchased for an additional fee ($50) if preferred. The print option can be selected during registration. Attendees will also receive a free copy of the ORAU Professional Training Programs Electronic Library DVD.

LOCATION: Oak Ridge, Tennessee


Facility Decommissioning Training Course

Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). Lawrence E. (Larry) Boing, Training Course Director, Argonne National Laboratory, EOF Division, 9700 South Cass Avenue, Lemont, IL 60439; phone: 630-252-6729; email: lboing@anl.gov. Additional details on each course are available on our website: https://www.anl.gov/eof/facility-decommissioning-training-course.

Our credentials include over 40 years of performing and/or managing the decommissioning of our own diverse range of radiological and other operator/licensee nuclear facilities. In the process, we have developed a broad base of knowledge and expertise plus external experts in this technical work area. We have coupled this to our thorough understanding of the various aspects of the decommissioning technical field, both domestically and internationally, plus our broad network of supporting staff in the industry. We have developed a training program with an end objective of consolidating that collective industry experience and knowledge into a complete set of packaged, topical modules plus case studies in a format to help others understand the entire decommissioning process and to facilitate the optimization of their work. To accomplish that objective, we use a team of established and seasoned subject-matter experts respected for their work in their fields to present both "standard" modules and "case study" modules. At some sessions we are able to include a fourth day—typically of a relevant site or project—as work schedules, locations, and other requirements allow. In other cases, a fourth day of lectures is included in lieu of a tour. In a few instances, the course is 3 days long with no 4th day option. Exhibitor space is available for vendors and others interested in presenting displays and materials. There are ample opportunities available to network with industry colleagues as well. Our website has full details on all of our decommissioning experience and upcoming sessions. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming training courses. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

DATES: For exact dates, durations, and locations—see our website for the latest training news.

FEE: $1,795 USD per person

LOCATION: Several sessions planned for 2024; continual updates. See the website for full details—https://www.anl.gov/eof/facility-decommissioning-training-course


Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Training

Kentek Corporation. Contact: Rich Greene, 5 Jarado Way, Boscawen, NH 03263; phone: 800-432-2323; email: rgreene@kenteklaserstore.com; website: https://www.kenteklaserstore.com/laser-safety-training-courses?product_list_mode=list

Kentek offers multiple ways to get Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training including classroom, online, and livestream options. Kentek LSO training courses are based on ANSI Z136.1 "Safe Use of Lasers" standard and taught by Certified Laser Safety Officers. This course will also help prepare those individuals interested in taking the Board of Laser Safety Certified Laser Safety Officer Exam. We provide clear explanations of the details of laser hazard calculations and use EASYHAZ™ LSO laser hazard analysis software as a teaching tool to help develop a more thorough understanding. We also include a detailed review of ANSI Z136.1 "Safe Use of Lasers" standard, the CDRH Federal Laser Product Performance Standard, and OSHA's Technical Manual on Laser Safety Programs. Full course materials include course notes, ANSI Z136.1 "Safe Use of Lasers" standard, a copy of EASYHAZ™ LSO laser hazard analysis software, OSHA Technical Manual on Laser Safety Programs, LSO Resource and Reference documents including sample SOPs, sample written program, self-audit forms, inventory, and accident report forms. All Kentek LSO courses are worth up to 31 CECs from the American Academy of Health Physics.

Classroom Courses: click for more information 

Comprehensive Laser Safety Officer Classroom Course

Chelmsford, MA – Mon–Fri, 3–7 June 2024

San Diego, CA – Mon–Fri, 29 July–2 Aug 2024

Chelmsford, MA – Mon–Fri, 23–27 Sep 2024

Administrative Laser Safety Officer Classroom Course

Chelmsford, MA – Mon–Thu, 3–6 June 2024

San Diego, CA – Mon–Thu, 29 July–1 Aug 2024

Chelmsford, MA – Mon–Thu, 23–26 Sep 2024

Industrial Laser Safety Officer Classroom Course

Chelmsford, MA – Mon–Fri, 3–5 June 2024

San Diego, CA – Mon–Fri, 29–31 July 2024

Chelmsford, MA – Mon–Fri, 23–25 Sep 2024

Livestream Dates:

7–23 May 2024

8–24 October 2024

Live Online:click for more information

Online: Available anytime, taken at individual's own pace and convenience – click for more information


Certification Review Course Part II and Self Study Course Part II

Bevelacqua Resources. Attn: Dr. Joseph J. Bevelacqua, PhD, CHP, RRPT, 7531 Flint Crossing Circle SE, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763; 509-521-8036; email: bevelresou@aol.com; website: bevelacquaresources.com

This course and supporting materials prepare candidates for the successful completion of the Part II ABHP Certification Examination. Historically, our students have achieved passing rates that exceed the average exam passing rates. The Part II Course has been granted 40 continuing education credits (CECs). The instructor, Dr. Bevelacqua, was an ABHP Part II Panel member, vice-chairman, and chairman. His experience gained in developing the certification examination and knowledge of candidate weaknesses have strengthened the content of this course and supporting materials. Examination strategies and techniques for successfully passing the examination are emphasized. Part II Course: The Part II Course is intense, with lectures followed by problem sessions. An exam-specific mathematical review is included with the course. About 60 percent of the course is devoted to problem solving with instructor critique and guidance provided to each student. The Part II Course materials include the Part II Self-Study Course materials. Class times are 0815–1700 each day. The Part II Self-Study Course includes the textbook Contemporary Health Physics, sixteen Part II examinations with solutions, detailed lecture notes, examination-preparation materials, and a summary of recent (1997–present) National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) reports. Supporting Materials: In addition to the materials used in the Part II Course, supporting materials are available to assist a student's certification preparation: A Background Materials Review (BMR) of basic mathematics, physical science, and operational health physics is available to assist students with weaknesses in these areas.

FOREIGN STUDENT ADVISORY: The course language is English. Translation services are not provided.

DATES: 29 April–3 May 2024

FEES (*):

$4,700 (Part II Course). For an additional $125, the course materials will be shipped in advance.

$4,300 (Part II Self-Study Course)—Includes domestic shipping and handling

$3,800 (Background Materials Review)—Includes domestic shipping and handling

Foreign shipping and handling depends on the destination country.

*All credit card purchases incur a 4% surcharge. Foreign purchases are subject to additional fees. Registration is not complete until payment and the registration form (available at www.bevelacquaresources.com) are received.

REFUND POLICY: Under no circumstances will a refund be available after an order is processed.

LOCATION: Hampton Inn & Suites Huntsville - Hampton Cove, 6205, Highway 431 South, Huntsville, AL 35763, 256-532-2110


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