October 2020 Products and Services Listing


Radiation Dosimetry Services

PL Medical Dosimetry Services. Contact: Kevin McDonough, RT, National Sales Director; phone: 407-496-4790 (anytime); email: Kevin.McD@plmedical.com; website: http://www.kevinmcdonough.com.

PL Medical offers radiation dosimetry services. Our new OSL technology is NVLAP accredited. Discover why PL Medical Dosimetry Services is the right choice for your dosimetry needs.

PL Medical Dosimetry Client Benefits:

  • Dedicated "Real Person" customer service manager here to assist you.
  • FREE control badges for every location or sub-account.
  • FREE set-up & changes to your account (for additions & deletions).
  • NO shipping charges to any of your locations (multiple locations included).
  • NO maintenance charges.
  • NO hidden fees!
  • Immediate notification for dose readings exceeding regulatory standards.
  • FREE 24/7 online access to your account.

Service and Quality You Should Expect

  • Monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual reporting periods.
  • Minimal reporting—accurate within +/- 1 mrem.
  • Minimum reportable dose: 1 mrem (0.01 mSv).
  • Energies measured: x ray, beta, gamma.
  • Neutron capability available upon request.
  • Opportunity to reanalyze with OSL technology.
  • High sensitivity, improving low-dose precision.
  • View dosage reports and history for any wearer.
  • Easy scanning (in and out) badges for easy tracking.
  • Audit report for badges at all of your locations.


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