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9 February 2014
PDS on Radiation Instruments

The Baltimore Washington Chapter of the Health Physics Society (HPS) is hosting a two-day professional development school (PDS) on radiation instruments just before the annual HPS meeting in Baltimore in July. Since 11 September 2001, the increasing concerns for national security have led radiation instrument manufacturers to develop many new and innovative instruments. While most health physicists are familiar with the traditional ion chambers, Geiger counters, and sodium iodide detectors, a vast array of new instruments is now available. This PDS will review new instrument designs, capabilities, and limitations and provide opportunities for demonstration and side-by-side comparisons.

The academic deans are Ray Johnson and Matthew Spierenburg. The administrative dean is Sean Austin.

The dates for the school are 10–11 July 2014. The tuition for this school will be $450 and will include a Wednesday evening reception, a Thursday night out, lunches, and refreshments.

There is more information on the meeting web page at