Professional Development School - "Applied Health Physics"
Ray Johnson, CHP, Professional Development School Committee Chair

Preceding the annual conference, the professional development school is set for 6-7 July 2017, centered on the topic of Applied Health Physics. Considering health physics through the lens of integrated facility programs, this PDS will address operational and programmatic trends that continue to define and impact our industry. With four main topic areas, the two-day PDS event will be hosted in four sections, with focused content and subject matter experts presenting regulatory points, best practices and reality checks. Each section will incorporate information salient to new professionals, as well as seasoned/management professionals, across major industries:

  1. Operational functions of health physics and medical physics, to include integration with environmental, health, safety programs; integration with facilities operations; integration with local law enforcement agencies and emergency responders; integration with other compliance obligations of a facility or operations

  2. Programmatic requirements associated with licensing and registrations as the profession continues to address the paradigm shift of radioactive material use; Oversight of increased equipment diversity and applications of newer radiation generating devices

  3. Comprehensive increased security control programs and organizational preparedness– the reality of logistics, planning, testing and documentation

  4. Public and community engagement, to include public education associated with popular press - how to be a Public Information Officer and public education with advanced medical applications – what is protection, awareness and compliance?

The tuition is $445 for HPS members, $595 for nonmembers and $200 for full time students.

Agenda for HPS Professional Development School

Applied Health Physics

Raleigh, NC, 6-7 July 2017


Dr. Amy B. Orders (Academic Dean) Kevin Minter (Administrative Dean)

Thursday July 06, 2017

7:30 Continental Breakfast and Welcome

Section: Operational functions of health physics/medical physics

8:00 Environmental Sampling, Instrumentation and Results  Ray Johnson
9:00 Source Material and Waste Management: Disposal, Decommissioning  Vendor Speaker

10:00 Break

10:30 Occupational Exposure Monitoring Programs: dosimetry advances, bioassays and ALARA mitigations  Robert Reiman & Landauer

12:00 Lunch

Section: integrated requirements associated with licensing and registrations

1:00 Integrated operations with Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, Facilities Operations  Jim Schwietzer & Wayne Thomann
2:00 Shielding Xray, PET etc with Facility Planning and Renovations Bill DeForest

3:00 Break

3:30 Shielding Xray, PET etc with Facility Planning and Renovations (Cont.)
4:30 Questions and Answers
5:00 Adjourn


Friday July 07, 2017

7:30 Continental Breakfast

Section: Integrated requirements associated with licensing and registrations (cont.)

8:30 EH&S Roles of the Health Physicist and Non-Traditional Opportunities  Roger Sit, Amy Orders, Mark Pflug

Section: Increased security controls and organizational preparedness

9:30 Implementation and Management of Increased Security Controls  Ruth McBurney

10:00 Break

10:30 FBI, Incident Command, Incident Control  TBD
11:00 Radiation safety’s role in mitigation the insider threat security risk (Integrated Assessments: Drills, Peer Reviews and Volunteer Security Programs) Bob Emery

12:00 Lunch

Section: Community and public engagement

1:00 Communicating Risk Assessment Ray Johnson

2:00 Strategies for correcting “misinformation” in radiological events or “The promise and peril of citizen science and why it matters to Radiation Safety”(Role of the Public Information Officer in event management)  Bob Emery

3:00 Break

3:30 One voice: Role of the RSO and Regulators (including contractors and first responders) Amy Orders & Lee Cox
4:30 Questions and Answers
5:00 PDS Evaluations, Comments, Adjourn

For information on the PDS, contact Ray Johnson, phone 301-370-8573.