Hands-On Medical Health Physics: Emerging Technologies and Challenges

2018 Health Physics Society Professional Development School (PDS), 18–20 July 2018

NOTE: Registration for the PDS will be on the 2018 HPS Annual Meeting registration form, and online PDS registration will be available in early April.

The organizers of this PDS have applied to CAMPEP for approval of 20 medical physics CEC hours.

Technical advancements are transforming medicine and medical health physics. Today an enterprising medical health physicist is challenged with managing automated systems within a health care network. This professional development school (PDS) is intended for the medical radiation safety officer, adapting available technology to accreditation requirements such as reviewing/approving computed tomography (CT) protocols, patient education, and storing dose in electronic medical records (EMR). Additionally, an emphasis is placed on the knowledge and skills that 21st century medical health physicists need to remain relevant.

The PDS provides 20 hours (12 lecture and 8 hands-on) of training concentrated on applying technology for collecting and managing information within a health care enterprise and working with the latest technologies and exotic radioisotopes. Lecture topics are coupled with hands-on breakout sessions:

•    Medical Health Physics Horizon and Beyond, Kevin Nelson and David Jordan
•    Certification Process for Health Physicists, Andy Miller and Steven King
•    Spectral CT From Idea to Product, Thomas Morton
•    Being Relevant to Your Institution, Dr. Derrwaldt, MD, and Joanne Rimac, RN
•    MRI Safety, David Jordan
•    X-Ray QC, ACR Accreditation, Peter Jenkins
•    Radiation Dose Management in the Digital World, Chris Martel
•    Patient Dosimetry, Peter Caraccapa
•    Nuclear Medicine Response to Exotic Spill and Issues, Joseph Ring
•    Image-Guided Interventions, Ramses Herrera

Breakout Sessions  
•    MRI Safety (University Hospitals of Cleveland)
•    Nuclear Medicine Hot Laboratory Hands-On (Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
•    Survey Instrument Calibration/Repair, Nuclide ID and lab tour (Case Western Reserve University)
•    Medical Physics Testing X-Ray and QC (Veterans Healthcare Administration)
•    Radiation Dose Management Through Information Systems (Philips Healthcare Systems)

•    Ronald Leuenberger (Administrative Dean), Northeast Ohio VA Healthcare System
•    Chris Martel (Faculty Dean), Philips Healthcare Systems
•    David Jordan, University Hospitals of Cleveland
•    Andy Miller, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
•    Ramses Herrera, Richmond VA Medical Center
•    Peter Caraccapa, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
•    Peter Jenkins, University of Utah
•    Steven King, Pennsylvania State University, Hershey Medical Center
•    Kevin Nelson, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale
•    Joseph Ring, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital

Vendors Providing Instrumentation for Hands-On Activities
•    Medical Physics Testing X Ray and Fluoroscopy (LACO)
•    Hand-Held Spectroscopy With Nuclide ID (LACO)
•    Calibration and Repair of Survey Meters (Ludlum)
•    Solid State Dosimetry With Bluetooth Technology and Phone App (Mirion)