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31 May 2012
IRPA13 Organizers Request Feedback on the Use of Digital Media

The organizers of the 13th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA13) are requesting feedback from participants on their experiences with the use and effectiveness of digital media during the recent congress in Glasgow, Scotland, 13–18 May 2012. They expect that digital media will be of increasing importance to the associate societies, like the Health Physics Society and IRPA, and to IRPA Congresses in the future. The questionnaire is 10 pages, with a page for each digital media format. It would be appreciated if participants at IRPA13 and those who watched the IRPA13 webcasts could respond to those pages where they have experience and would like to share their views. You can answer the questions or just add comments at the bottom of the page.

Rick Jones will be compiling responses to document lessons learned and best practices in the use of digital media for future use by associate societies and IRPA. Please forward your completed questionnaire by 22 June 2012 to Rick at

Click here for the questionnaire.