Society News Archive

4 February 2005

A booklet is now available that summarizes a Health Physics Society (HPS) meeting session held to acknowledge and honor HPS Past President J. Newell Stannard, PhD, and the University of Rochester for their many contributions to radiation protection through education and research. The session was part of the 2003 HPS Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Bill Bair (Newell's first PhD student and recipient of the world's first PhD in radiation biology) organized the special session. Newell and six University of Rochester graduates gave talks. The planners knew that the papers would likely contain data that had not been previously presented in the open literature.

The meeting organizers decided to have the session professionally videotaped and published informally. These plans fell through but Newell's daughter and son-in-law, Sue and Jack Frazier, recorded the session on a personal video camera. After digitally enhancing the audio, HPS member John Taschner transcribed each session and then persuaded each speaker to produce a manuscript from the transcriptions he had made. Fortunately, two speakers already had manuscripts he could use. After the individual manuscripts were completed, Dianne Eppler, Newell's stepdaughter, edited, assembled, and published the final product. John Taschner is to be commended for his commitment in preparing this document to pay tribute to the legacy of J. Newell Stannard (who recently celebrated his 95th birthday) and the University of Rochester.

The booklet resulting from this effort has been made into a pdf for University of Rochester graduates and all of Newell's friends and colleagues to enjoy.