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25 August 2016
Results of HPS Membership Survey on Future Directions

The Health Physics Society (HPS) Membership Survey on Future Directions has been completed by the Task Force on Future Directions. The results can be found on the HPS Members Only website, on the top of the Publications page. Over 800 members responded to the survey and shared their views on the topics. The results have been reviewed by the HPS Board. The Task Force on Future Directions will continue to review all the suggestions and provide exceptional ones to the Executive Committee for possible inclusion in an update of the HPS Strategic Plan 2020 (Members Only website under Organization, then Operations).

Nancy Kirner stated in the August issue of Health Physics News (Members Only website under Publications):

The Executive Committee was tasked to draft a strategic plan by the midyear meeting in North Bethesda, Maryland, 22–25 January 2017. Strategic plans identify the organization’s current state and the desired state at some specific point in the future. Strategic plans set long-term objectives and define short-term activities to reach those objectives. Strategic plans implement the organization’s purpose (mission) and vision. I expect that we will be bridging to and modifying our HPS 2020. I would also expect that by next spring, during the budget cycle, the committees will be asked to develop SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) goals that implement the updated strategic plan.