Future Directions

The committee prepared a survey of the HPS membership to validate the work done by the Board relative to establishing a vision statement for the HPS.  The survey obtained significant feedback from the membership on the direction mapped out by the Board.  The survey also asked the membership to identify the importance they place on specific activities done by HPS and to identify additional areas for HPS focus.  The survey was conducted by Brett Burk.

The response rate was approximately 20% of HPS members. The results can be found on the HPS Members Only website

Current Members

Director: Eric Abelquist, '18
Chair: Mike Lewandowsi, '18
Brett Burk, '18
Elizabeth Gillenwalters, '18
Jason Harris, '18
Kathy Pryor, '18
Michael Ryan, '18
Debra McBaugh Scroggs, '18