Academic Education Committee Organization

The Academic Education Committee is responsible for the HPS Strategic Plan Objective 4.4: encouraging students to embark on health physics careers. The committee works to assure that the quality and numbers of people entering the health physics profession meet projected demand. The Academic Education Committee is composed of nine members representing a diverse cross section of the membership of the Society, no less than two of whom shall be directors or faculty members in health physics academic programs. The committee maintains the Health Physics Education Reference Book, giving a listing and description of universities and institutions offering academic programs from Associates to Doctorate's degrees.

Current Members

Director: Linnea Wahl, '14
Chair: Bobby McDaniel, '14
Masoud Beitollahi, '12
Carter Ficklen, '13
James Menge, '12
Josh Peterson, '13
Thomas L. Rucker, '12
David Schauer, '12
Michael Stabin, '13
Wei-Hsung Wang, '14