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If you would like to invite a radiation safety professional to come into your class or if you need some assistance with a presentation, please let us know by completing this form. We will gladly provide presentations or answer questions that are related to the subject areas within the expertise of the members of the Health Physics Society — an independent nonprofit scientific organization of radiation scientists and radiation safety professionals.

Examples of radiation science and radiation safety subject areas include basic atomic physics; radiation physics (i.e., alpha, beta, gamma radiation); occupational, public, or environmental radiation protection; radiation regulations; radioactivity; radiation detection instruments; radioactive materials; radiation health effects; radiation risk assessment; and health physics training and careers.

Our experts are happy to volunteer their time and expertise. A member of a Health Physics Society chapter near you will be asked to respond to your request. You will receive a return email confirming receipt of your request with follow-up contact information should you need it.

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