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The following "Ask the Experts" answers have been added or revised since 16 July 2019 (approximately the last 30 days).

Environmental and Background Radiation

Q12988: Potential indoor radon risk to the developing fetus (Posted 16 July 2019)

Instrumentation and Measurements

Q13001: Why does this GM detector respond to light? (Posted 13 August 2019)
Q13006: Check radiation in minerals (Posted 8 August 2019)
Q13023: Determination of average surface activity from measurements with this 15 cm2 probe. (Posted 13 August 2019)
Q13024: Is using a two-badge system for area monitoring in diagnostic x-ray rooms acceptable? (Posted 13 August 2019)

Medical and Dental Equipment/Shielding

Q12977: Lead apron wasn't used for all spine x rays (Posted 13 August 2019)
Q12983: Effect of x-rays on insulin pump (Posted 13 August 2019)
Q12989: How to penetrate x-ray room lead shielding with data cable (Posted 13 August 2019)

Medical and Dental Patient Issues

Q12962: Fluoroscopy dose factors and terms (Posted 16 July 2019)
Q12965: Effective dose and my individual risk (Posted 16 July 2019)

Nuclear Medicine Issues

Q12959: Pet safety after my radioiodine therapy (Posted 9 August 2019)

Pregnancy and Radiation

Q13003: Laser usage during pregnancy (Posted 16 July 2019)

Radiation Basics

Q12968: Does radiation exposure cause objects to become radioactive? (Posted 13 August 2019)
Q13002: How do I show no x rays are coming from this 70-80 GHz body scanner? (Posted 13 August 2019)
Q13014: Will neutron exposure during air flight activate the cobalt in my metallic implant? (Posted 13 August 2019)
Q13036: Why are high mass, high atomic number materials used for shielding even though the mass attenuation coefficients are smaller for high atomic number than for low atomic number materials? (Posted 9 August 2019)