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The following "Ask the Experts" answers have been added or revised since 7 November 2018 (approximately the last 30 days).

Alpha Emitters

Q12703: Possible thorium poisoning (Posted 14 November 2018)

Environmental and Background Radiation

Q12631: Is potassium-40, the natural radioactive component of potassium, dangerous? (Posted 6 December 2018)
Q12705: Removing radionuclides from water (Posted 29 November 2018)

Instrumentation and Measurements

Q12704: GM detector response based on volume-averaging (Posted 7 December 2018)

Lasers and Infrared

Q12691: Do infrared space heaters pose any health risk? (Posted 6 December 2018)

Medical and Dental Equipment/Shielding

Q12701: Who can test lead aprons? (Posted 14 November 2018)
Q12710: Posting for C-arm room (Posted 29 November 2018)

Medical and Dental Patient Issues

Q12685: Explanation of millisievert and effective dose (Posted 5 December 2018)

Nuclear Medicine Issues

Q12669: Breast-feeding after having a HIDA scan (Posted 15 November 2018)

Pregnancy and Radiation

Q12743: Many flights while pregnant (Posted 7 December 2018)

Radiation Basics

Q12732: Zirconium 95 clearance classes (Posted 5 December 2018)

Security Screening

Q12724: Radiation exposure while pushing stuck bags through an airport carry-on baggage screener (Posted 7 December 2018)