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The following "Ask the Experts" answers have been added or revised since 17 January 2019 (approximately the last 30 days).

Consumer Products

Q12757: Glow-in-the-dark night sight with tritium (Posted 6 February 2019)

Environmental and Background Radiation

Q12725: Radon on clothing stored in basement (Posted 7 February 2019)

Instrumentation and Measurements

Q12760: Are these NaI instrument readings high enough to be a concern? (Posted 6 February 2019)

Medical and Dental Equipment/Shielding

Q12711: Use of a fume hood for iodine-131 (I-131) (Posted 6 February 2019)
Q12823: Oil leaking from x-ray tube head (Posted 11 February 2019)
Q12824: Powering down x-ray units between patients (Posted 11 February 2019)

Medical and Dental Patient Issues

Q12706: Fluoroscopy dose variables and risk (Posted 5 February 2019)
Q12708: Each radiation therapy treatment is patient specific (Posted 6 February 2019)
Q12730: Risk from being in an adjacent area during an x-ray procedure (Posted 5 February 2019)
Q12746: When is patient lead shielding necessary? (Posted 6 February 2019)
Q12748: No gonad shielding for swallowed battery (Posted 5 February 2019)
Q12755: Using linear no threshold (LNT) to determine risk (Posted 5 February 2019)
Q12761: Radiation therapy prescription and application of dose painting and dose fractionation (Posted 5 February 2019)
Q12763: Applying study results and risk to worries about pediatric CT scan (Posted 14 February 2019)
Q12774: Possible genetic damage from many CT scans (Posted 5 February 2019)
Q12793: Applying time, distance and shielding if in fluoroscopy room to assure no risk (Posted 5 February 2019)
Q12809: Associated risk from many x rays on a single tooth (Posted 8 February 2019)
Q12820: Dose from multiple x rays are generally not additive (Posted 14 February 2019)

Nuclear Medicine Issues

Q12592: Cat in my apartment after treatment with radioiodine (Posted 14 February 2019)

Radiation Basics

Q12659: Fukushima fallout (Posted 5 February 2019)