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Q12516: Paraffin for thermal neutron shielding (Posted 10 July 2018)

Consumer Products

Q12513: Radium-illuminated compass (Posted 10 July 2018)

Environmental and Background Radiation

Q12570: Can radium equivalent activity and internal hazard index be applied to plant samples? (Posted 6 August 2018)
Q12581: Radiation risk from jewelry made of petrified wood (Posted 3 August 2018)

Industrial Radiation

Q12585: Hair inside gamma-sterilized, sealed package (Posted 6 August 2018)

Instrumentation and Measurements

Q12535: Will portable x-ray machines swamp a pencil dosimeter? (Posted 10 July 2018)
Q12579: Is calibration of TLDs with this x-ray machine acceptable? (Posted 6 August 2018)

Medical and Dental Equipment/Shielding

Q12359: Am I safe standing behind someone who is wearing a lead apron? (Posted 7 July 2018)

Nuclear Medicine Patient Issues

Q12387: Does the timing of scans matter? (Posted 10 July 2018)
Q12423: Radiation risk from stress test and thyroid scan (Posted 10 July 2018)
Q12431: Are there protective garments against radiation from nuclear medicine patients (Posted 12 July 2018)
Q12442: Using a Geiger counter to measure radioactivity in my body (Posted 13 July 2018)
Q12552: How much radiation does a nuclear medicine patient emit? (Posted 1 August 2018)

Pregnancy and Radiation

Q12560: Pregnant staff member at veterinary facility (Posted 6 August 2018)