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The following "Ask the Experts" answers have been added or revised since 22 September 2017 (approximately the last 30 days).

Consumer Products

Q12205: Radioactivity in decorative tiles (Posted 20 October 2017)

Environmental and Background Radiation

Q12163: Using a particulate mask to filter radon (Posted 20 October 2017)
Q12177: Mapping radon throughout a city (Posted 5 October 2017)

Instrumentation and Measurements

Q12194: Why might the reference light source on this TLD reader be changing? (Posted 29 September 2017)

Micro/Radio Waves, Radar & Powerlines

Q12166: Exposure to radiofrequency fields (Posted 10 October 2017)

Nuclear Power, Devices, and Accidents

Q12190: Shelter in place (Posted 30 September 2017)


Q12156: Exposure and effects: World War II atomic veteran (Posted 22 October 2017)

Ultraviolet Radiation

Q12151: Solar UV-C light and vitamin D production (Posted 29 September 2017)
Q12178: UV-C Penetration through acrylic plastic (Posted 9 October 2017)