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The following "Ask the Experts" answers have been added or revised since 21 March 2018 (approximately the last 30 days).

Environmental and Background Radiation

Q12415: Risks from trucks hauling uranium ore (Posted 22 March 2018)
Q12471: Discriminating beta radiation from gamma background radiation (Posted 20 April 2018)

Homeland Security

Q12395: Building a home fallout shelter (Posted 16 April 2018)

Instrumentation and Measurements

Q12319: Distance to measure dose rate from a sealed source (Posted 16 April 2018)

Medical and Dental Equipment/Shielding

Q12318: Radiation scatter to thyroid and breast after head CT (Posted 3 April 2018)

Pregnancy and Radiation

Q12317: Radiation dose limits while pregnant (Posted 4 April 2018)

Radiation Basics

Q12404: Radionuclide retention and clearance (Posted 20 April 2018)

Radiation Effects

Q12149: What would happen to insects in the event of a widespread nuclear attack? (Posted 3 April 2018)

Ultraviolet Radiation

Q12298: Vacuum ultraviolet light (Posted 3 April 2018)