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I am concerned about the length of time to stay away from children and pregnant moms after radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism. I work with children at school and have pregnant friends. I just received the radioiodine treatment. I wouldn't want to expose anyone needlessly.
Without knowing all the details of your treatment for hyperthyroidism, I will make a few assumptions. I'm answering this question nine days after your treatment so by now only a small amount of the iodine-131 would still be in your body. During the first few days after your treatment you may have been instructed by your physician to avoid close and prolonged contact with infants, children, and pregnant women. Even though the radiation exposure to other individuals would have been quite low and would not have harmed them, it is good practice to minimize exposure to other people as much as possible.

Based upon the assumptions I've made, I believe the restrictions may no longer be needed and you should feel free to resume your normal activities around children and pregnant friends. But I would recommend you review the instructions your physician provided because those instructions would be based upon your specific treatment.

Janelle Braun
Registered Radiation Protection Technologist
Assistant Professor of Radiologic Physics

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