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Do I need to wear a lead apron if I am staying in the CT room with my child while he has a CT (computerized tomography) scan?

You should be provided a lead apron anytime you are in any x-ray room with your child. This is in keeping with the concept of keeping radiation dose as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA), and it is most likely a state regulation where you are. This should also be in policy for the facility where the x rays were taken. In general, no one should be in the x-ray room unless it is absolutely necessary (it is common for parents to have to hold their children during x rays). If people are in the room (whether staff or family member), they must stay out of the primary x-ray beam, they should have a lead apron, they should be over the age of 18, and they should not be pregnant.

Kennith "Duke" Lovins, CHP
Health Physicist
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