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Do any other international professional organizations like the American Academy of Health Physics/American Board of Health Physics offer certifications in health physics?


Few health physics professional associations in the world have a specialty board certification process that examines credentials and knowledge of candidates. The American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) in the United States was the first. A rigorous written examination has always been a strong component of the ABHP certification process. In recent years health physicists in other countries have explored or are developing certification processes.

Recently, the Canadian Radiation Protection Association developed a Professional Recognition/Registration/Certification process to offer health physicists the opportunity to have their credentials and expertise recognized. The certification part of the process is still under development but will include an examination to demonstrate that successful candidates possess an adequate body of knowledge.

The Society for Radiological Protection in the United Kingdom has a health physics recognition program, but it relies on portfolio analysis and does not include an examination.

Finally, the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS), along with medical engineering/physics and industrial hygiene associations, supports the Australasian Radiation Protection Accreditation Board, Inc., which offers accreditation in radiation safety, but this currently does not include an examination. ARPS has a subcommittee that is further developing the radiation safety accreditation process.

Richard J. Vetter, PhD, CHP

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