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May a technologist administer iodine-131 for diagnostic purposes, 37-185 MBq? What is the governing rule?


The answer to this question is found in state regulations. I would venture to guess that all states have similar requirements, but can only answer for the regulations in California. 

The radiation regulations in California are Title 17. All diagnostic exams in nuclear medicine are performed under general supervision. Direct supervision, which means that the physician is physically present in the room, is only required for therapy procedures. So, in California, a certified nuclear medicine technologist can administer diagnostic doses without direct supervision. Additionally, a written directive is required for all 131I (iodine-131) activities greater than 1.1 MBq.

If you are still concerned, let me know what state you are in and I can see if I can find a colleague to provide information on the regulations in your state.

Marcia Hartman, MS

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