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I am 14 weeks pregnant and accompanied a friend to have a CT scan at a large medical center. On the way to have the scan, the nurse said I can't be in the same room. I am not sure how far away the room was (since we were on the way there). Is there any possibility the radiation could have reached me? Thanks.


It is standard procedure to keep nonessential persons out of any x-ray room during an x-ray procedure (whether you are pregnant or not). X-ray rooms are typically shielded to protect persons outside the x-ray room from unnecessary exposure. Assuming the facility you were in meets requirements for the state in which it is located, you were in an area where the amount of radiation exposure (if any) to you (or your unborn child) from their routine procedures was below limits set by that state.

Ken "Duke" Lovins, CHP
Health Physicist


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