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Do you have any data on dose to health care workers who stand next to CT (computerized tomography) machines during studies or dose rates near a CT machine? I know this would be machine dependent, but any information would help.


Data that we have acquired from various models and vendors of CT scanners indicate exposure rates on the order of 5.16E-4 Coulomb/kg/hr approximately one meter from the center of the gantry. This is measured with a head or body phantom, scanned using typical patient technique factors, in an axial scan mode. As you stated, these can be very vendor-specific and depend on the actual geometry and the survey instrument used. I recommend that you consult vendor-supplied isodose curves diagrams for expected dose rates by manufacturer and model. I also recommend that you consult with medical physicists who test the equipment in question for their input on the exposure rates that they measure.

Kennith "Duke" Lovins, CHP

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