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I need to order a urine radon exposure test kit. I also need to be tested for uranium and radium. Please let me know how to get tested.

I have high levels of radon in my house despite having a radon pump working. I have many health issues that might be related to radon/uranium exposure in our house.


I am unaware of any urine test kits for radon, and I am not aware that urine testing for radon is done at all. Concerning radium and uranium, there are methods of analyzing these radioactive materials in urine, which are used primarily for workers in certain nuclear-related industries. There are some commercial radiochemical laboratories that offer these analyses, and the Internet link below identified as "laboratories" may help you locate a vendor that could perform your analyses. The laboratories marked "yes" in the bioassay column would be the ones most likely to perform analyses of urine for radium and uranium. Regarding your health concerns, the Internet links below provide information about radon, radium, and uranium, including their health effects.





Tom Gesell, CHP, PhD

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