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When demolishing an existing cancer-treatment bunker housing a Linac accelerator, is the concrete waste from the primary protection wall regarded as contaminated waste? Would this principle apply to demountable and relocatable bunkers?

Thank you for your question pertaining to the activation of concrete resulting from the operation of a Linac accelerator. In general, there is a reasonable potential for the concrete shielding barriers to become activated by the radiation produced from accelerator operations. Therefore, an estimation of radioactivity induced in concrete shielding is an important consideration for the decommissioning of accelerator facilities, as it is very likely that the concrete (or at least some portion of the concrete) would be considered as radioactive waste. Specifically, the induced activity probably consists of 3H, 14C, and various gamma-emitting radionuclides such as 60Co and europium isotopes. Sampling and laboratory analyses can be performed to determine the radionuclide concentrations and depth of contamination within the concrete barriers.

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Eric Abelquist, PhD, CHP

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