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Regarding security scanning devices, is it safe for children (2 to 10 years old) to pass through these devices regularly once or twice every week? Also, is it safe for females to pass through these devices twice every week regularly?


Airport security systems use different kinds of screening equipment such as backscatter x-ray machines, cabinet x-ray machines, millimeter wave machines, and metal detectors. Only backscatter and cabinet x-ray machines generate ionizing radiation. Cabinet x-ray devices are not used on people; therefore they would not be a source of radiation exposure to people.

Backscatter x-ray machines use very low levels of x rays, and by design they minimize x-ray exposures to children and adults. These low radiation doses accomplish the task of security screening on passengers while keeping a safe level of exposure.

The design of backscatter x-ray machines is based on the American National Standards Institute/Health Physics Society (ANSI/HPS) consensus standard "Radiation Safety for Personnel Security Screening Systems Using X-Ray or Gamma Radiation." The standard's authors took into account the varying sensitivity of different groups of people who might be scanned. The authors first looked at a number of reports and published studies on the health effects of radiation. Then they chose a dose level to ensure that children and pregnant individuals can be safely scanned with these devices.

Tom O'Connell

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