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I'm an ophthalmologist doing my vitreoretinal fellowship. I have been using 526 nm double frequency Nd:YAG laser for retinal treatment since I got pregnant (now 32 weeks). I am exposed every day for about four hours. Is there a risk? It's a little late to be asking, but I just found out that I could get in touch with experts in this field.


Congratulations on your pregnancy. It is never too late to ask a question, especially if the answer will reduce your concern about the well-being of your fetus. The laser is nonionizing electromagnetic radiation in the visible light range. There is no way that your fetus would be exposed while in the uterus. The use of the laser will not increase your risk for birth defects or miscarriage which is 3% for birth defects and 15% for miscarriage, the background risk for healthy women with no family history for developmental or reproductive problems.

Robert Brent, MD, PhD

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