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There is an x-ray screener at work and recently after a superior's order we're being forced to introduce even our lunch totes into the machine. It wouldn't be worrisome if it happened every now and then, but we have to do it on a weekly basis. I was just wondering if doing it for an extended period of time would be harmful, considering the health risks of radiation exposure?

There is no harm to you from handling the tote or eating the food after it has gone through an x-ray screening unit.

There are two reasons for this answer. The first is that the amount of radiation to which the food and tote are being exposed, even on a daily basis, isn't enough to cause those items to be changed in any way that would be harmful if you touched them or ate the food.

Second, there is no radiation "left over," so neither the tote nor the food is radioactive after being through the scanner, so you won't be exposed to any radiation as a result.

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